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We provide a wide range of precision Gear machines from manufacturers such as Gleason, Klingelnberg and Gould & Eberhardt.Take a look at our wide selection of new and used Gear equipment for sale.


Gear Generators, Bevel, Spiral, Hypoid
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  Photo Ref # Manufacturer Model Year Max Workpiece Spiral Angle Option Option 
Gleason Model 645 Hypoid Gear Generator Ref # 31071 ManufacturerGleason Model645 Year1980 Max Workpiece15" Outer Core Spiral Angle35 Degrees OptionStock Divider OptionChip Auger View >  
Klingelnberg S-35 10-Axis CNC Gear Cutting Machine Ref # 16326 ManufacturerKlingelnberg ModelS35 10-Axis Year1993 Max Workpiece23.6" Spiral Angle0-60 Deg. OptionSiemens CNC OptionChip Conveyor View >  
Gear Hobbers, Horizontal
Filter :
  Photo Ref # Manufacturer Model Year Diameter Axial Max DP Option 
GOULD & EBERHARDT 96H Gear Hobber Ref # 19028 ManufacturerGould & Eberhardt Model96H Year1952 Diameter98" Axial54" Max DP1.5 OptionChange Gears View >  
Gear Honers
Filter :
  Photo Ref # Manufacturer Model Year     
Fassler K-300 CNC Gear Honer Ref # 29033 ManufacturerFassler ModelK300 Year1998 View >  
Nagel ECO 40 Twin Spindle CNC Bore Hone Ref # 29032 ManufacturerNagel ModelECO40-2 Year2012 View >  
Gear Shapers
Filter :
  Photo Ref # Manufacturer Model Year Max. O.D. Table Dia. Option Option 
FELLOWS 10-4 CNC Gear Shaper Ref # 29369 ManufacturerFellows Model10-4 Year Max. O.D.10" Table Dia. OptionFanuc PMate D OptionTailstock View >  
FELLOWS 50-8 Hydrostroke Gear Shaper Ref # 29364 ManufacturerFellows Model50-8 Year1977 Max. O.D.50" Table Dia.45" OptionCutter Adapter OptionChip Conveyor View >  
FELLOWS 10-2 / 10-4 CNC Gear Shaper Ref # 29370 ManufacturerFellows Model10-4 Year Max. O.D. Table Dia. Option Option View >  
FELLOWS 10-4 Gear Shaper Ref # 29408 ManufacturerFellows Model10-4 Year Max. O.D.10" Table Dia. OptionTailstock Option6" Riser View >  
Fellows Gear Shaper Ref # 32006 ManufacturerFellows Model20_4 Year1960 Max. O.D.20" Table Dia.19.68" Option Option View >  
MAAG SH250/300 Large Capacity Gear Shaper Ref # 31992 ManufacturerMaag ModelSH250/300 Year Max. O.D.121.25" Table Dia.26" OptionCrowning OptionID Attachment View >  
Maag Gear SH250 Gear Shaper Ref # 32021 ManufacturerMaag ModelSH250 Year Max. O.D. Table Dia. Option Option View >  
MAAG SH250 Large Capacity Gear Shaper Ref # 20851 ManufacturerMaag ModelSH250 Year1974 Max. O.D.98" Table Dia.26" Option12.7" OptionID Attachment View >  
Maag SH-450 CNC Gear Shaper Ref # 32023 ManufacturerMaag ModelSH450 Year Max. O.D.199" Table Dia.68.89" OptionJVA Attachment OptionCrowning View >  
Gear Testers
Filter :
  Photo Ref # Manufacturer Model Year Max. Diameter Travels (XYZ) Center Dist. Option 
WELTER Model UHT-800 CNC Universal Bevel Gear Checker Ref # 26863 ManufacturerWelter ModelUHT-800 Year2009 Max. Diameter31.5" Travels (XYZ) Center Dist.22.45" Option6" Spindle Bore View >  

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