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We provide a wide range of precision Grinder machines from manufacturers such as Landis, AZ Spa and Berco.Take a look at our wide selection of new and used Grinder equipment for sale.


Grinders, Crankshaft
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  Photo Ref # Manufacturer Model Year Swing Centers Wheel Size Options 
Landis 22" x 88" Crankshaft Grinder Ref # 30592 ManufacturerLandis Model22 x 88 Year Swing22" Centers88" Wheel Size36" x 1.5" x 12 Options7.5 HP View >  
AZ Spa CG500/3 39" x 200" CNC Crankshaft Grinder Ref # 32038 ManufacturerAZ Spa ModelCG500/3 Year2008 Swing39.37" Centers200.78" Wheel Size47.24" OptionsMarposs Gauging View >  
Berco Spa Crankshaft Grinder Ref # 32648 ManufacturerBerco ModelRTM 425 A3700 Year Swing33" Centers157" Wheel Size40" Options View >  
Grinders, Cylindrical, CNC
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  Photo Ref # Manufacturer Model Year Swing Centers CNC Control Option  
Gioria 60" x 118" R/150-3000 CNC Roll Grinder Ref # 32265 ManufacturerGioria ModelR/150-3000 Year1993 Swing60" Centers118" CNC ControlSiemens CNC Option Tailstock View >  
NAXOS 24.6" x 191" CNC MULTI-AXIS CYLINDRICAL GRINDER Ref # 32552 ManufacturerNaxos-Union ModelMULTI-AXIS Year2013 Swing24.7" Centers191" CNC ControlFanuc Oitd Option Rebuilt View >  
Grinders, Cylindrical, Plain
Filter :
  Photo Ref # Manufacturer Model Year Swing Centers Wheel Size Wheel Motor 
Landis 27" x 176" Cylindrical Grinder Ref # 32319 ManufacturerLandis ModelManual Year1962 Swing27" Centers176" Wheel Size36" Wheel Motor View >  
Grinders, Cylindrical, Universal
Filter :
  Photo Ref # Manufacturer Model Year Swing Centers Wheel Size Option 
SMTW ECOTECH M1450BX120 20" x 120" Universal Cylindrical Grinder With Internal Attachment Ref # 32732 ManufacturerSMTW ModelM1450BX120 Year1998 Swing20" Centers120" Wheel Size20" x 3" x 12" OptionTable Swivel View >  
15.74" x 39" Shigiya GU-30(40)B-100A Precision Universal Cylindrical Grinder Ref # 32865 ManufacturerShigiya ModelGU-30(40)B-100A Year1993 Swing15.74"" Centers39.4" Wheel Size14" x 2" x 5" OptionInternal Attach View >  
Grinders, Roll
Filter :
  Photo Ref # Manufacturer Model Year Swing Centers Option Option 
60” X 240” CHURCHILL CNC ROLL GRINDER Ref # 26808 ManufacturerChurchill Model60x240 Year2016 Swing61.5" Centers250" OptionFanuc 18i CNC OptionGauging View >  
98"/78" x 472" Waldrich Roll Grinder Ref # 32816 ManufacturerWaldrich ModelWST IV H80 X 12000 Year1981 Swing98"/78" Centers472" OptionSteady Rest Option View >  
Cincinnati 36" x 192" M-4869 Roll Grinder Ref # 32278 ManufacturerCincinnati ModelM-4869 Year Swing36" Centers192" OptionFagor DRO OptionCoolant View >  
Grinders, Surface, Recip. Table, Horiz. Spindle
Filter :
  Photo Ref # Manufacturer Model Year Grind Range Under Wheel Wheel Motor Option 
24" x 96" Mattison Horizontal/Vertical Spindle Combo Surface Grinder Ref # 28345 ManufacturerMattison Model900/400 Year1988 Grind Range24" Under Wheel Wheel Motor75 HP OptionVert. Spindle View >  
Thompson FSH 30/90 CNC Horizontal Surface Grinder Ref # 29952 ManufacturerThompson ModelFSH30/90 Year1985 Grind Range12" x 36" Under Wheel Wheel Motor10 HP OptionFanuc 3M CNC View >  
36" x 168" Mattison "Square Column" Reciprocating Surface Grinder Ref # 32907 ManufacturerMattison Model Year Grind Range36" x 168" Under Wheel36" Wheel MotorIncremental DF Option View >  
Thompson Nippei 35" x 193" Horizontal Surface Grinder Ref # 32903 ManufacturerThompson ModelFXV-90/480 Year Grind Range35" x 193" Under Wheel Wheel Motor30 HP / 75 HP OptionNew Electrics View >  
Okamoto PSG-308 31.25" x 120" Horizontal Surface Grinder Ref # 30582 ManufacturerOkamoto ModelPSG-308 Year1977 Grind Range31.5" x 120" Under Wheel31.2" Wheel Motor30 HP Motor OptionAuto Downfeed View >  
Grinders, Surface, Rotary, Vertical Spindle
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  Photo Ref # Manufacturer Model Year Chuck Under Wheel HP Options 
60" MATTISON Model 60 Rotary Surface Grinder Ref # 31668 ManufacturerMattison Model60 Year1974 Chuck60" Under Wheel32" HP150 OptionsPendant Control View >  
Blanchard 22D-42 42" Vertical Spindle Rotary Surface Grinder Ref # 43174 ManufacturerBlanchard Model22D-42 Year1994 Chuck42" Under Wheel24" HP50 Options View >  
Grinders, Tool & Cutter
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  Photo Ref # Manufacturer Model Year Swing Table Swivel Vertical Wheel Tilt 
Amada Togu III Tool Grinder Ref # 32232 ManufacturerAmada ModelTogu III Year2000 Swing6.3 Maximum Dia Table Swivel9.5" Travel VerticalN/A Wheel TiltN/A View >  
Grinders, Vertical Universal
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  Photo Ref # Manufacturer Model Year Swing Table Stroke Option 
66" Campbell G22 Twin Spindle CNC Vertical Universal Grinder Ref # 21954 ManufacturerCampbell ModelG22 CNC Year1983 Swing82" Table66" T-Slotted Stroke22" Ram Stroke Option(2) 7 HP Spdl. View >  
Grinders, Way
Filter :
  Photo Ref # Manufacturer Model Year Grinding Cap. Table Load Option Option 
Thompson Double Column Way Grinder Ref # 32902 ManufacturerThompson Model Year Grinding Cap.90" x 248" Table Load Option Option View >  

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