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Machining Centers, Horizontal, CNC

We provide a wide range of precision machines from manufacturers such as Mori Seiki, Mitsui Seiki and SNK. Take a look at our wide selection of new and used Machining Centers Horizontal CNC (HMC) equipment for sale.


Machining Centers, Horizontal, CNC
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Mori Seiki
Mori Seiki MH-63 CNC Horizontal Machining CenterRef # 30275 ManufacturerMori SeikiModelMH-63Year1996Travels X/Y/Z40", 41", 30"Pallets25" x 25" APCTool Changer60 StationControlFanuc 16M CNC
Mitsui Seiki
MITSUI SEIKI HU40-T 5-Axis Horizontal Machining CenterRef # 28787 ManufacturerMitsui Seiki ModelHU40A-T 5-AxisYear2004Travels X/Y/Z24", 22", 28"Pallets16" 60 APCTool Changer320 ATCControlFanuc 15M
Mitsui Seiki
Mitsui Seiki HS5A 4-Axis CNC Horizontal Machining CenterRef # 28884 ManufacturerMitsui Seiki ModelHS5AYear1994Travels X/Y/Z33", 27", 21.65"Pallets(2) 24.8"Tool Changer180 ATCControlFanuc 15M
SNK HPS-120B 5-Axis CNC Horizontal High Speed Aerospace ProfilerRef # 30023 ManufacturerSNKModelHPS-120B 5-AxisYear2005Travels X/Y/Z124", 52", 28"Pallets120" x 48" 2APCTool Changer60 ATCControlFanuc 15iMA
DMG DMC-60T 5-Axis CNC FMS, 2-Machines with Fastems APCRef # 30988 ManufacturerDMGModelDMC-60TYear2004Travels X/Y/Z30.7", 22", 22"Pallets20" x 25"Tool Changer(2)180 StationsControlHeidenhain
Kitamura MyCenter HX1000I 4-Axis Horizontal Machining Center Ref # 31157 ManufacturerKitamuraModelMyCenter HX1000IYear2010Travels X/Y/Z80", 51", 53"Pallets39.4" x 39.4"Tool Changer150-ATCControlFanuc 16i-M CNC
Kitamura MyCenter HX1000I 5-Axis Horizontal Machining Center Ref # 31194 ManufacturerKitamuraModelMyCenter HX1000IYear2011Travels X/Y/Z80", 51", 53"Pallets39.4" x 39.4"Tool Changer150-ATCControlFanuc 16i-M CNC
Daewoo DHP4000 CNC Horizontal Machining Center Ref # 30998 ManufacturerDaewooModelDHP4000Year2005Travels X/Y/Z23", 22", 22" Pallets15.7" x 15.7" Tool Changer60-ATCControlFanuc 18i-MB
HAAS EC 1600 CNC HMC w/ Center B-AXIS Rotary Table Ref # 31328 ManufacturerHaas ModelEC-1600 Year2014Travels X/Y/Z64", 40", 32" PalletsSingle TableTool Changer30ControlHaas CNC
Enshu GE840H CNC Horizontal Machining CenterRef # 31624 ManufacturerEnshu ModelGE480HYear2018Travels X/Y/Z31.5", 31.5", 31"Pallets19.68" x 19.68"Tool Changer60 Station ATCControlFanuc 31iMB
Giddings & Lewis
GIDDINGS & LEWIS HMC-1250 4-Axis CNC Horizontal Machining CenterRef # 31160 ManufacturerGiddings & Lewis ModelHMC 1250Year2008Travels X/Y/Z106.3", 71", 69"Pallets49.2" x 49.2"Tool Changer90 ATCControlSiemens 840D
MAZAK Integrex E-1850V 5-Axis CombinationRef # 23862 ManufacturerMazak ModelIntegrex E-1850Year2003Travels X/Y/Z120", 72", 41"Pallets49" SquareTool Changer80-Station ATCControlMazatrol Fusion
Deckel Maho DMC-125 U Hi-Dyn CNC Horizontal Machining CenterRef # 31673 ManufacturerDeckel-MahoModelDMC-125 U Hi-DynYear2006Travels X/Y/Z49", 34", 31.5"Pallets39" x 31.5"Tool Changer120 ATCControlHeidenhain CNC
MAZAK Integrex E-1850 V12 5-Axis CNC Vertical and Horizontal Turning CenterRef # 22981 ManufacturerMazak ModelIntegrex e-1850V12Year2003Travels X/Y/Z120", 72", 41"Pallets49" SquareTool Changer80 Station ATCControlMazatrol Fusion
Tos FOQ 80-VR2,6 7-Axis Horizontal Machining CenterRef # 30936 ManufacturerTosModelFOQ 80-VR2,6Year2008Travels X/Y/Z98", 63", 31"Pallets78.74" x 74.74"Tool Changer60-ATCControlSiemens 840D
OKUMA MA-600HB CNC Horizontal Machining CenterRef # 31315 ManufacturerOkuma ModelMA-600HBYear2004Travels X/Y/Z39.4", 35", 39"Pallets24.8" x 24.8" Tool Changer 60 ATCControl OSP-U100M
OKUMA SPACE CENTER MA-600 HB Horizontal Center Ref # 31719 ManufacturerOkuma ModelMA-600 HBYear2006Travels X/Y/Z39", 35"39" Pallets24.75" x 24.75"Tool Changer60-ATC ControlOSP-P200M
Okamoto HMC-3000 CNC Horizontal Machining CenterRef # 31627 ManufacturerOkamoto ModelHMC-3000Year1982Travels X/Y/Z118", 58", 28"Pallets31" x 120"Tool Changer40-ATCControlMitsubishi CNC
MAZAK INTEGREX e 1060 5-Axis CNC Vertical and Horizontal Turning CenterRef # 31718 ManufacturerMazak Modele-1060 IntegrexYear2007Travels X/Y/Z78", 41", 52" Pallets(2) 39.5" Dia. Tool Changer120-ATC ControlMazatrol 640m P
Haas ES-5-T CNC Horizontal Machining CenterRef # 31734 ManufacturerHaas ModelES 5-TYear2013Travels X/Y/Z40", 18", 22"Pallets40" x 15"Tool Changer40 Station ATCControlHaas CNC
DOOSAN HM-1000B CNC Horizontal Machining CenterRef # 29391 ManufacturerDoosanModelHM-1000Year2011Travels X/Y/Z82.3", 49", 49"Pallets39.3" x 39.3"Tool Changer90-ATCControlFanuc 31iMB
Niigata HN63D CNC 4-Axis Horizontal Machining CenterRef # 31635 ManufacturerNiigata ModelHN63DYear2010Travels X/Y/Z39", 33", 29"Pallets24.8" x 24.8"Tool Changer90 ATCControlFanuc 30iA CNC
Makino A88 CNC Horizontal Machining CenterRef # 31431 ManufacturerMakinoModelA88Year2000Travels X/Y/Z36", 32", 38"Pallets24.8" x 24.8"Tool Changer40 ATCControlFanuc Pro 3
TOYODA FH450S with 12 Pallets FMS CNC Horizontal Machining CenterRef # 31811 ManufacturerToyodaModelFH450SYear2017Travels X/Y/Z23.6, 23.6", 23.6Pallets(2) 17.7"x17.7"Tool Changer280 ATCControl Fanuc 31i
Niigata HN80D CNC 4-Axis Horizontal Machining CenterRef # 31634 ManufacturerNiigata ModelHN80DYear2007Travels X/Y/Z60", 48", 40"Pallets31.5" x 31.5"Tool Changer90 ATCControlFanuc 16i-MB
Mori Seiki
Mori Seiki NHX-5500 Horizontal Machining CenterRef # 31830 ManufacturerMori SeikiModelNHX-5500Year2016Travels X/Y/Z31.5", 31.5", 34"Pallets20" x 20"Tool Changer60 ATCControlMori M730BM


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