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We provide a wide range of precision machines from Trumpf such as Trubend Center 7030 Panel Bending System, Trumpf 3200 Watt TruLaser 2525 CNC Laser and Trumpf Tubematic 6" O.D. 3200 Watt CO2 Tube Laser. Take a look at our wide selection of new and used Trumpf equipment for sale.

Used Trumpf Machines For Sale


Brakes, CNC Panel Benders
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   Ref # Manufacturer Model Year Bend Capacity Bend Length Max Diagonal CNC Control 
Trubend Center 7030 Panel Bending System Ref # 31551 ManufacturerTrumpf ModelTruBend Center 7030 Year2019 Bend Capacity122.8" x 59.05" Bend Length122.95" Max Diagonal136.22" CNC ControlTrumpf CNC View >  
Lasers, Fiber, CO2, Tube
Filter :
   Ref # Manufacturer Model Year KW X-AXIS Y-AXIS Type 
Trumpf 3200 Watt TruLaser 2525 CNC Laser Ref # 30746 ManufacturerTrumpf ModelTruLaser 2525/3200 Year2008 KW3.2 X-AXIS96" Y-AXIS48" TypeCO2 View >  
Trumpf Tubematic 6" O.D. 3200 Watt CO2 Tube Laser Ref # 30920 ManufacturerTrumpf ModelTubematic Year2005 KW3.2 KW X-AXIS Y-AXIS TypeCO2 View >  
Trumpf 6000 Watt L4050 CNC Laser Cutting Machine Ref # 31726 ManufacturerTrumpf ModelL4050 Year2006 KW6 KW X-AXIS160" Y-AXIS80" TypeCO2 View >  
TRUMPF TruLaser 3030 5000 Watt CNC CO2 Flying Optic Laser Ref # 31918 ManufacturerTrumpf ModelTruLaser 3030 Year2009 KW5 KW X-AXIS120" Y-AXIS60" TypeCO2 View >  
Trumpf TruLaser Weld 5000 Automatic Laser Welder Ref # 31983 ManufacturerTrumpf ModelTruLaser 5000 Year2018 KW4000 Watt X-AXIS78" Y-AXIS39" TypeWelding Cell View >  
Trumpf 5000 Watt TruLaser 3040 CNC Flying Optic Laser Ref # 32046 ManufacturerTrumpf ModelTruLaser 3040 Year2012 KW5000 X-AXIS160" Y-AXIS80" TypeCO2 View >  
Punches, Turret, Punch Laser Combination
Filter :
   Ref # Manufacturer Model Year Tonnage/KW Y-Axis X-Axis Control 
Trumpf TC600L 25 Ton CNC Punch With 3000 W Laser and Sheetmaster Ref # 31881 ManufacturerTrumpf ModelTC600L Year2001 Tonnage/KW25 Ton Y-Axis50" X-Axis100" Control Siemens CNC View >  
TRUMPF TC2000R 22 Ton CNC Punch & Contouring Machine Ref # 31914 ManufacturerTrumpf ModelTC-2000R Year2001 Tonnage/KW22 Ton Y-Axis50" X-Axis50" ControlBosch Type 3 View >  
TRUMPF Trumatic 2020R 22 Ton CNC Punch & Contour Machine With SheetMaster Load-Unload Ref # 32022 ManufacturerTrumpf ModelTrumatic 2020R Year2012 Tonnage/KW22 Ton Y-Axis50" X-Axis100" ControlBosch CNC View >  

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