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We provide a wide range of precision machines from Poreba such as Poreba HBM-4 CNC Table Type Horizontal Boring Mill, Poreba 30" x 157" PNA-80/157/4M CNC Lathe and Poreba TPK 90A1/9M 36" x 354" Lathe w/ Twin Carriages. Take a look at our wide selection of new and used Poreba equipment for sale.


Boring Mills, Horizontal, Table Type, CNC
  Photo Ref # Manufacturer Model Year X Axis Y-Axis CNC Control Spindle Size 
30987PorebaHBM-4201186.6"62.99"47.2" x 59"4.33"View >  
Lathes, CNC
  Photo Ref # Manufacturer Model Year Swing Center Distance Option Control 
30932PorebaPNA-80/157/4M200731.49"157.48"24" 4-JawFanuc 0i-TC CNCView >  
Lathes, Flat Bed, Manual & CNC
  Photo Ref # Manufacturer Model Year Swing CC Control HP 
30694PorebaTPK90A1/9M198736"354"Manual20 HP / 29 HPView >  
27808PorebaTCF-200/5M CNC78.74"196.85"Fanuc O-T73.75 HPView >  
30150PorebaTCG160/10M62.99"393.70"Manual100 HPView >  
30760PorebaTCF200/8M201978.74"314.96"Siemens 840D sl95 HPView >  
30732PorebaTCF 200 x 8M201978.74"314.96"Semien 840D sl95 HPView >  
30250PorebaTRP 93 x 3M199736.61"118.11"Pendant Control36 HPView >  
30657PorebaTPK-90A1/4M199036"157"Manual27 HP / 36 HPView >  
30658PorebaTPKA1/10M199036"393Manual27 HP / 36 HPView >  
23124PorebaTR135 B2 x 14M199653.14"551.18"Manual55 HPView >  
30934PorebaTCG-160x8M198462.99"314.96"Manual100 HPView >  
30761PorebaTCF-200/17M201978.74"669"Siemens 840D sl95 HPView >  
26291PorebaTC2 160 CNC201862.99"393"Siemens 840D SL95 HPView >  
24686PorebaTCF 224 CNC199988.18"472.44"Siemens 840 CNC95 HPView >  
27429PorebaTZG 400B x 10M1980157.48"393.7"Manual100 HPView >  
27429PorebaTZG 400B x 10M1980157.48"393.7"Manual100 HPView >  
30503PorebaTR155VS/8M200261"324"Threading49 HPView >  
29209PorebaTRP 93 x 2M36.6"96"Manual27/35 HPView >  
29884PorebaTCG 200/10M2019 ®78.74"393.70"Fanuc 0-iTD CNC100 HPView >  
Tooling & Accessories
  Photo Ref # Manufacturer Model Year     
29445PorebaBoring AttachView >  
28637PorebaTCG1View >  
30990PorebaTR-1351View >  
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