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Bridge Mills & Planer Type Mills (Manual & CNC)

We provide a wide range of precision machines from manufacturers such as Monarch, Toshiba and SNK. Take a look at our wide selection of new and used Bridge Mills & Planer Type Mills (Manual & CNC) equipment for sale.


Bridge Mills & Planer Type Mills (Manual & CNC)
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  Photo  Ref Description Ref # Manufacturer Model Year Travels X/Y/Z Table Size Control Options 
Monarch CNC Traveling Column Type Vertical Machining CenterRef # 23737 ManufacturerMonarch ModelTravelling GantryYear1990Travels X/Y/Z192", 98", 20.5"Table Size98" x 200"ControlFanuc 11MOptions40 ATC
Toshiba MCW-4624 5-Axis CNC Bridge Mill Ref # 30448 ManufacturerToshibaModelMCW-4624Year2011Travels X/Y/Z137", 145", 35" Table Size126" x 94.5"ControlTosnuc CNCOptions40 HP
TOSHIBA MPC-2665B Twin Pallet 5-Face CNC Bridge MillRef # 26258 ManufacturerToshibaModelMPC2665BYear2005Travels X/Y/Z295", 134", 35"Table Size86.6" x 255.9"ControlFanuc 15MOptions40 HP
SNK HF-10M CNC Bridge Type Milling MachineRef # 25944 ManufacturerSNKModelHF-10M 5-FaceYear2014Travels X/Y/Z669", 275", 118"Table Size196" x 629"ControlFanuc 31iOptions201 HP
WMW Combination Planer Mill / Planer 90" x 393"Ref # 23727 ManufacturerWMWModelPlaner/Planer MillYear1970Travels X/Y/Z393", 90", 87"Table Size62.99"x 393.37"ControlManual Options3-Heads
Waldrich Coburg
WALDRICH COBURG CNC Travellng GANTRY PLANO MILLER Ref # 30513 ManufacturerWaldrich CoburgModel5-Face Gantry Mill Year2009 ®Travels X/Y/Z826", 208", 204" Table Size787" x 177" ControlSiemens 840DOptionsHead Attch
Schiess Froriep 63 FZG CNC Gantry Type Combination Milling & Vertical Turning CenterRef # 28253 ManufacturerSchiessModel63 FZG MillTurnYear1992Travels X/Y/Z748", 295", 137"Table Size314" x 196"ControlSiemens 850OptionsMillTurn B-Axis
Henri Line
HENRI LINE GICAMILL 29 HS/5 5-Axis CNC Travelling Gantry MillRef # 26623 ManufacturerHenri LineModelGICAMILL 29 HS5Year1993Travels X/Y/Z312", 126", 45"Table Size319"x98.5"ControlFanuc 15MOptions35 HP
AWEA LP-6525YZ 5-Face CNC Double Column Bridge MillRef # 31197 ManufacturerAweaModelLP-6525YZYear2005Travels X/Y/Z255.9", 126", 39"Table SizeControlFanuc 18iMOptionsRight Angle Hea
Toshiba MPH-2140S 5-Face CNC Bridge MillRef # 31151 ManufacturerToshibaModelMPH-2140SYear2000Travels X/Y/Z117", 114", 31.5"Table Size(2) 71" x 157"ControlTosnuc 888OptionsRight Angle Hd.
SNK RB-3NM CNC Bridge Type Vertical Machining CenterRef # 31212 ManufacturerSNKModelRB3-NMYear2005Travels X/Y/Z167", 94", 23"Table Size59.0" x 157.5"ControlRight Angle HdOptions50 HP
SNK RB-3NM CNC Bridge Type Vertical Machining CenterRef # 31213 ManufacturerSNKModelRB3-NMYear2005Travels X/Y/Z167", 94", 23"Table Size59.0" x 157.5"ControlAPCOptions50 HP
Johnford 5-Face DMC-8500 CNC Double Column Bridge MillRef # 27332 ManufacturerJohnfordModelDMC8500 5-FaceYear2005Travels X/Y/Z334", 169", 41"Table Size314.96" x 122"ControlSiemens 840DOptionsCool Thru Spind
Ingersoll HMC-2500 5-Axis Gantry Type Vertical Machining CenterRef # 31299 ManufacturerIngersoll ModelHMC-2500Year2001Travels X/Y/Z236", 157", 40"Table SizeControlSiemens CNCOptions2-Axis Head
Nicolas Correa
Nicolas Correa FP-30/40 CNC Double Column Bridge MillRef # 28659 ManufacturerNicolas Correa ModelFP30/40 5-FaceYear1998Travels X/Y/Z137", 78", 31"Table Size157.4" x 49.2"ControlHeidenhain 426Options40 HP
Nicolas Correa
Nicolas Correa FP-40/50 5-Axis CNC Bridge MillRef # 28657 ManufacturerNicolas Correa ModelFP40/50Year2020 ®Travels X/Y/Z196", 127", 39"Table Size196.8" x 78.7"ControlSiemens 840DOptions29 HP
Ingersoll Masterhead 118" x 118" x 511.8" Adjustable Rail CNC Planer MillRef # 31486 ManufacturerIngersoll ModelMasterheadYear1991Travels X/Y/Z511", 118", 118"Table Size98.42" x 511.8"ControlFanuc 150-MOptionsATC, AAC
Waldrich Coburg CNC Gantry Mill Ref # 31010 ManufacturerWaldrich Model15-10 GM 300 NCYearTravels X/Y/Z669", 181", 59" Table Size118" x 630" ControlSiemens OptionsRight Angle Hds
60" X 48" X 156" Rockford Double Housing Planer MillRef # 31562 ManufacturerRockfordModelDouble HousingYear1978Travels X/Y/Z48"x 144"x 156"Table Size48" x 144"Control2 Rail, 2 SideOptions50 HP
AWEA LP-5033YZF CNC Bridge Type 5-Face Vertical Machining CenterRef # 31567 ManufacturerAweaModelLP-5033YZYear2011Travels X/Y/Z197", 157", 47"Table SizeControlFanuc 18i-MBOptions60 Station ATC
SNK RB-200F 5-Axis CNC Vertical Machining CenterRef # 31416 ManufacturerSNKModelRB-200F 5-AxisYear2009Travels X/Y/Z206", 114", 23.6"Table Size78" x 196"ControlFanuc 30iA CNCOptions6000 RPM
Awea SP2016G CNC Bridge Mill Ref # 31586 ManufacturerAweaModelSP2016GYear2011Travels X/Y/Z82.7", 63", 30" Table SizeControlFanuc 18i MBOptionsChip Conveyor
Ingersoll Masterhead 5-Axis CNC Planer Mill 118" x 551" Split Table Ref # 31513 ManufacturerIngersoll ModelMasterheadYear1992Travels X/Y/Z551", 118", 118"Table Size98" x 511" ControlFanuc 180-MOptionsAAC, Split Tble
Vision Wide VTEC
VTEC NF-8239 5-Face Double Column Machining CenterRef # 30660 ManufacturerVision Wide VTECModelNF-8239Year2015Travels X/Y/Z322", 153", 39"Table Size314.96" x 96.45ControlFANUC 31I MBOptions34 HP/ 29 HP
JOBS Jomach 32 5-Axis CNC Travelling Gantry Milling MachineRef # 31593 ManufacturerJobsModelJomach 32Year1997Travels X/Y/Z179", 98", 47"Table SizeControlHeidenhain 640 OptionsLinear Scales
Waldrich Coburg
Waldrich Coberg 24-10 450G CNC Bridge Mill Ref # 30517 ManufacturerWaldrich CoburgModel24-10 GM 450 DPM 450GYear2007Travels X/Y/Z787", 212", 228"Table Size787" x 177" ControlSiemens 840DOptions9-Head Attach
Ingersoll Double Column 5-Axis CNC Planer MillRef # 16405 ManufacturerIngersoll Model5-Axis CNC 3.0 ARMM Year1994Travels X/Y/Z512", 163", 39"Table Size98.42" x 511"ControlFanuc 150-M Options100 HP
Correa Anayak FP 50/80 5-Axis CNC Bridge Type Milling Machine Ref # 30791 ManufacturerCorreaModelFP-50/80 5-Axis Year2010Travels X/Y/Z315", 150", 49"Table Size314.96" x 98.4"ControlHeidenhain 530Options50 HP
Doosan DCM-3260F Double Column CNC Bridge Type Vertical Machining CenterRef # 31782 ManufacturerDoosanModelDCM-3260FYear2016Travels X/Y/Z246", 145", 27.5"Table SizeControlFanuc 31iA CNCOptionsUniversal Head
Wele MG-640Z4 5-Face CNC Bridge Type Machining CenterRef # 31774 ManufacturerWELE ModelMG-640Z4Year2016Travels X/Y/Z236", 157", 55"Table SizeControlFanuc 31iMBOptions90 Station ATC
AWEA LP-4021 CNC Double Column Machining CenterRef # 31790 ManufacturerAweaModelLP-4021Year2006Travels X/Y/Z157", 82.6", 30"Table Size157.48" x 78.74"ControlFanuc 18iM CNCOptions90 Degree Head
Ingersoll CNC Master Head Heavy Duty 5-Axis Planer Mill Ref # 31710 ManufacturerIngersoll ModelMaster Head 5-Axis Year2000 ®Travels X/Y/Z373", 191", 41"Table Size98" x 354" ControlFanuc 15iM-AOptionsSplit Table
Waldrich Siegen
Waldrich Siegen V/H 5-Face CNC Planer MillRef # 19623 ManufacturerWaldrich SiegenModelV/H 5-Face CNC Year1998 ®Travels X/Y/Z593", 98", 39"Table Size88.6" x 539.4"ControlAB System 9Options50 HP
Ingersoll Masterhead 5-Axis Travelling Gantry Milling MachineRef # 21946 ManufacturerIngersoll ModelMaster Head 5-Axis GantryYear2012 ®Travels X/Y/Z492", 216", 59"Table Size196" x 492"ControlFanuc 31i Options125 HP
Ingersoll Traveling Gantry Type Adjustable Rail Milling MachineRef # 28632 ManufacturerIngersoll ModelGantry TypeYear1981Travels X/Y/Z237" x 934"Table Size16' x 77'ControlFanuc 16MOptions125 HP
Ingersoll Traveling Gantry Type Adjustable Rail Milling MachineRef # 28624 ManufacturerIngersoll ModelGantry TypeYear2008Travels X/Y/Z216", 144", 600"Table Size192" x 624"ControlFanuc 16MOptions100 HP
Ingersoll Traveling Gantry Type Adjustable Rail Milling MachineRef # 28623 ManufacturerIngersoll ModelGantry TypeYear2005Travels X/Y/Z216" x 900"Table Size192" x 924"ControlFanuc 16MOptions125 HP
Mitsubishi MVR 40EX CNC Bridge Mill Ref # 31311 ManufacturerMitsubishi ModelMVR-40 EX 5-FaceYear2019Travels X/Y/Z244”, 157”, 31”Table Size118.1” x 236.4”ControlFanuc 31i-MBOptions60 ATC
SNK RB-2N CNC Bridge Type Vertical Machining CenterRef # 31640 ManufacturerSNKModelRB-2NYear2009 ®Travels X/Y/Z170", 66", 15.7"Table Size47" x 168"ControlFanuc 0i CNCOptions
CINCINNATI MILACRON 30V 5-Axis Rail Type Aerospace ProfilerRef # 28012 ManufacturerCincinnati Model30V 5-AxisYear1998Travels X/Y/Z480", 84", 24"Table Size480" x 79"ControlAcramatic 950Options100 HP
Cincinnati MAG U-5 CNC 5-Face Travelling Gantry Milling MachineRef # 28992 ManufacturerMAG ModelU5-1500 5-FaceYear2007Travels X/Y/Z744", 144", 60"Table Size118" x 472"ControlSiemens 840DOptions70 HP
Nicolas Correa
Nicolas Correa FP-50/50 5-Axis CNC Bridge MillRef # 31823 ManufacturerNicolas Correa ModelFP 50/50Year2003Travels X/Y/Z196", 149", 39"Table Size196" x 78"ControlHeidenhain 530OptionsAuto Index Hd


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