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O-M LTD. (2015) OM-16TX, 63” CNC vertical boring mill w/ FANUC Oi-TD CNC control; TOSHIBA TUE-15, 59” CNC vertical boring mill w/ FANUC 18-T CNC control; NILES 100” vertical boring mill; WEBSTER & BENNETT 48” vertical boring mill; BULLARD 30” vertical boring mill; FEMCO (2007) BMC-110R2, 4.3” CNC table type horizontal boring mill w/ Full B-Axis, FANUC 21i-MB CNC control, 60 ATC etc.; TAFA metalizing spray equipment; UNION HECKERT BFT-110/5 4.3” table type horizontal boring mill; DOOSAN (2015) PUMA 4100L, CNC turning center w/ hydraulic steady rest, FANUC SERIES I CNC control etc.; KAO-MING (2000) KMC-2000SD, CNC bridge type vertical machining center w/ FANUC 18-M CNC control; POREBA TPK 110 x 6M, 44” x 236” large capacity engine lathe; TOS (2008) SN 710S, 28” x 157” engine lathe; MAZAK 20” x 118” gap bed engine lathe; SIRCO 24” x 60” engine lathe; FORTWORTH (2010) G450B, dual spindle heavy duty milling machine; HYD-MECH S-20 SERIES II, horizontal saw; FIRST dual spindle milling machine; COMPLETE BABBITT DEPARTMENT (COMPONENTS NEW AS 2015); ARONSON 72,000lb capacity tilt & rotate welding manipulator; RANSOME 20,000lb capacity tilt & rotate welding manipulator; (2) ARONSON (2000) 6000lb capacity welding manipulators; SEVERAL welding departments consisting of sub-arc welding systems, (25+) welders, boom systems, positioners & manipulators etc.; CANEFCO 2000F car bottom heat treat furnace; NICHOLSON 4’ x 4’ x 4’ electric batch oven; DYNAPOWER (PURCHASE NEW FOR $50K) 3000 AMP rectifier; DANOBAT RE1200 A, cylindrical grinder; CINCINNATI 16” x 72” universal cylindrical grinder; SUNNEN MBB 1600, honing machine; MORRISON key seater; RK hydraulic press; QUADRA JET parts washer; CLARK 16,000lb capacity outdoor forklift; TOYOTA 5000lb indoor LPG forklift; (2) 5 ton x 40’ single girder bridge cranes; LARGE OFFERING OF precision tooling and machine tool accessories, rolling tool cabinets, angle plates, fabricating and machining support equipment, heavy industrial racking, steel plate & raw material inventory, inspection equipment & MUCH MORE!
September 10, 2019
9:00AM PDT
Richmond, British Columbia
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Adam Herman
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September 9, 2019
9:00AM - 5:00PM PDT
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  • DOOSAN (2015) PUMA 4100LB CNC turning center with FANUC I SERIES CNC control, 18” 3-jaw chuck, 31.3” swing over bed, 21.7” max. turning diameter, 82.4” max. turning length, 4.6” spindle bore, 12 station turret, speeds to 2000 RPM, 40 HP spindle motor, hydraulic steady rest, tailstock, coolant, chip conveyor, tool presetter, 520 hours run time (recorded at time of listing), s/n: ML0280-000029


  • FEMCO (2007) BMC-110R2 4.3” CNC horizontal table type boring mill with FANUC SERIES 21i-MB CNC control, 63”x56.7” B-Axis rotary table, .001 Degree Indexing, travels: X – 78”, Y – 70”, Z – 67”, W-19.6”, CAT 50 spindle taper, 5-2500 RPM, 35 HP spindle motor, 60 station ATC, 13,800 lb. table capacity, coolant, chip conveyor, right angle milling head, s/n: B770270
  • UNION HECKERT BFT-110/5 4.3” table type horizontal boring mill, 55” x 63” built-in rotary table, travels: X – 78”, Y – 49”, Z – 31.5”, speeds to 1120 RPM, NEWALL DP700 DROs, facing head, full pendant controls, s/n: 10898


  • O-M LTD. (2015) OM-16TX CNC vertical boring mill with FANUC SERIES Oi-TD CNC control, 63” diameter table, 78” max turning diameter, 59” max. turning height, 49” ram stroke, 17,630 lb. max. work piece weight, 3.8-250 RPM, 12 station ATC, coolant, chip conveyor, 1023 hours run time (recorded at time of listing), 75 HP table motor, s/n: MT-2068
  • TOSHIBA TUE-15 CNC vertical boring mill with FANUC SERIES 18-T CNC control, 59” diameter table with (4) face plate type jaws, 70.86” swing, 59” max. turning height, 35.4” ram stroke, 17,600 lb. max. work piece weight, 2-250 RPM, 12 station ATC, coolant, chip conveyor, 40 HP table motor, s/n: 44051


  • KAO-MING (2000) KMC-2000SD CNC bridge type vertical machining center with FANUC SERIES 18-M CNC control, 59”x79” table, travels: X – 87”, Y – 55”, Z – 27.5”, CAT 50 spindle taper, 60 station ATC, speeds to 6000 RPM, 20 HP motor, coolant, chip conveyor, s/n: 20141


  • ELBO CONTROLLI (2009) WASP digital tool pre-setter with desktop PC interface, s/n: 1166


  • NILES 100” vertical boring mill, (2) swiveling ram heads, adjustable cross rail, approx. 120” swing, approx. 72” max. height under rail, pendant control, s/n: 15153
  • BULLARD 36” vertical turret lathe, 38” swing, 5 station turret, 20 HP, 4-jaw chuck, s/n: n/a
  • WEBSTER-BENNETT 48” vertical turret lathe, approx.. 60” swing, 48” max. turning height, 40 HP, speeds to 100 RPM, 5 station turret, NEWALL DPG 2 axis DRO, 4-jaw chuck, s/n: n/a


  • POREBA TPK 110X6M gap bed engine lathe with 44” swing over bed, 236” between centers, 31” 4 jaw chuck, 4” spindle bore, speeds to 710 RPM, inch/metric threading, taper attachment, steady rests, coolant, NEWALL DRO, s/n: 7402-02-13026-03
  • TOS SN 710S engine lathe with 28” swing over bed, 157” between centers, 4” spindle bore, speeds to 1600 RPM, inch/metric threading, 16” 3 jaw chuck, steady rests, coolant, NEWALL DP700 DRO, taper attachment, s/n: 400-500-630-710
  • MAZAK gap bed engine lathe with 20” swing over bed, 118” between centers, 4” spindle bore, speeds to 1500 RPM, inch/metric threading, 16” 3 jaw chuck, steady rests, coolant, NEWALL TOPAZ DRO, s/n: n/a
  • COLCHESTER 600 engine lathe with 22” swing over bed, 78” between centers, 4” spindle bore, speeds to 1400 RPM, inch/metric threading, 12” 3 jaw chuck, s/n: n/a


  • RANSOME subarc welding system with MILLER CP/CC-1500P arc welding power source, LINCOLN ELECTRIC POWER WAVE welding power source, MILLER welding power source, TBS 76” diameter turn and tilt welding positioner, LINCOLN ELECTRIC POWER FEED 10A digital wire feeder, NEDERMAN articulating fume snorkel with blower and 2 tier steel work platform
  • SUBARC WELDING SYSTEM consisting of HOBART CYBERWELD 652 MIG welder, 46”x46” turn and tilt welding positioner, LINCOLN ELECTRIC POWER FEED 10A digital wire feeder, TRINCO DRY-BLAST dust collector/flux recovery unit, NEDERMAN articulating fume snorkel with blower, MILLER digital wire feeder with MILLER COOLMATE 3 water cooler and steel work platform
  • WARTSILA track mounted welding system with MILLER INVISION 456P MIG welder, MILLER 60M wire feeder, MILLER MILLERMATIC weld oscillator, MILLER COOLMATE 3 water cooler, 19.5” diameter turn and tilt welding positioner
  • WARTSILA track welder with MILLER AUTOMATIC 1DA weld controller, LINCOLN ELECTRIC MODEL TC-3 self-propelled travel carriage, 47” diameter turn and tilt welding positioner, 143” track
  • MILLER DELTAWELD 452 MIG welder with TAFA arc spray feeder/gun & cables, s/n: n/a
  • HOBART-TAFA MODEL 9000 arc spray system with cables & gun, s/n: n/a
  • MILLER MILLERMATIC 140 AUTO-SET all-in-one MIG welder with cables & gun, s/n: LK32088IN
  • HOBART CYBERWELD 652 MIG welder with HOBART OLYMPIC 60 SERIES wire feeder, MILLER COOLMATE 3 water cooler, cables & gun, s/n: n/a
  • CANOX C-SW350 TIG welder with MILLER COOLMATE 3 water cooler, cables & gun, s/n: n/a
  • LINCOLN IDEALARC DC-400 arc welder with cables & gun, s/n: AC-557652
  • LINCOLN ELECTRIC IDEALARC 250 stick welder with cables and gun, s/n: n/a
  • LINCOLN ELECTRIC PRO-CUT 55 plasma cutter with cables & gun, s/n: U1010506130
  • AIRBOX portable fume snorkel
  • NEDERMAN articulating fume snorkel with blower


  • CANEFCO car bottom natural gas fired heat treat furnace with 2000 deg. F. max. temperature, 1000 BTU/C.F., digital temperature gauge, HONEYWELL temperature recorder, approx. 7’x9’x9’H interior dimensions, s/n: C4593FI
  • NICHOLSON IND 4X4X4 electric batch oven with digital temperature control, s/n: 120


  • FIRST LC-20VHS universal milling machine with 56”x10” table, speeds to 4500 RPM, 6 HP, 6” machine vise, MITUTOYO KA COUNTER 2 axis DRO, coolant, s/n: 30501168
  • FORT WORTH (2010) G450B universal milling machine with 59”x12” table, speeds to 3600 RPM, 5 HP, 6” KURT machine vise, MITUTOYO KA COUNTER 3 axis DRO, coolant, s/n: 2B582
  • HYD-MECH (2005) S-20 SERIES II horizontal band saw with 13”x18” capacity, 1” x 0.35” blade, coolant, s/n: 60505045
  • CINCINNATI 16X72 universal cylindrical grinder with 16” swing over table, 72” between centers, speeds to 1140 RPM, 5 HP, 14” wheel diameter, s/n: n/a
  • DANOBAT RE-1200A cylindrical grinder with 12” swing over table, 45” between centers, s/n: 507
  • MATTISON 48X16 hydraulic surface grinder with 48”x16” electromagnetic chuck, coolant, s/n: n/a
  • MORRISON MODEL K keyseater with 1.25” keyway width, 9” keyway length, s/n: n/a
  • SUNNEN MBB 1600 precision honing machine, s/n: 10176
  • RK MACHINERY single piston hydraulic H-frame shop press with 250 ton capacity, 48” between posts, s/n: n/a
  • WILTON 6” vertical belt sander


  • GISHOLT centrifugal casting machine with 72” diameter capacity, 1 HP & BALDOR digital control, s/n: n/a
  • MFG. UNKNOWN centrifugal casting machine with 36” diameter capacity, speeds to 1000 RPM, s/n: n/a
  • NORELCO 2 ton capacity free standing jib arm with JET 2 ton electric hoist, 15’ span & 136” under hook
  • MAGNEFORCE HS10000R2 high voltage digital induction heater with 240V, 32.0 Amps, 13.5 KVA, .75 PF, 50/60 Hz, 3 Ph, 20-50 Khz output frequency, s/n: 70877
  • WARTSILA  5’x4’x7’H work hood
  • (5) babbitt pots
  • (12) melting torches
  • HUGE QUANTITY of BABBITTING PARTS including babbitt mandrels, thrust pads, cast plates & bearing fixtures


  • CLARK C500Y160 LPG outdoor forklift with 16,000 lb. capacity, 210” vertical lift, pneumatic tires, s/n: Y1625-5-1218
  • TOYOTA BFGCU32 LPG forklift with 5000 lb. capacity, 187” vertical lift, solid tires, side shift, s/n: 14740
  • (2) NORELCO 5 ton capacity single girder overhead bridge cranes with SPACEMASTER SX 5 ton capacity electric hoists, 50’ span & 20’ under hook, s/n: n/a, n/a


  • (10+) doubled ended pedestal grinders, NO. 3 arbor press, (5+) fireproof cabinets, LARGE QUANTITY of CAT 50 tool holders, RENISHAW OMP60 touch stylus CAT 50 probe, (20+) sections of medium duty pallet racking, HUGE ASSORTMENT of spare parts & motors, PERISHABLE TOOLING including CARBIDE INSERTS, drills, reamers, boring bars, end mills, steel work benches, tool boxes and MUCH MORE! ering ovens and MANY MORE ITEMS ADDED DAILY!
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