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May 23, 2017
10:00AM EST
Pittsfield, MA
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Okuma Mdl. Genos M560-V CNC Vertical Machining Center, with Okuma OSP-P300M CNC control, 22” x 51” working surface table, 4th axis Koma with 6” 6-jaw chuck, approximately 30-position automatic tool changer, Losma Icarus dust collector, chip conveyor, MP Systems High Pressure Coolant Unit, Dakin Inverter, S/N: 191942 (New 2015)

Deckel Maho Mdl. DMV70 Evolution CNC Vertical Machining Center, with Heidenhain CNC TNG530 control, 6” diameter 6-jaw chuck, chip conveyor, 32-position automatic tool changer, Erowa Robot Easy Standard Organization Automatic Integnation, 10-station 12” x 12” pallets, 1000mm x 600mm table ridged clamping surface, NC circular table with swivel axis 700mm x 500mm, up to 30,000 RPM, 800kg ridged table capacity, 350kg NC swiveling circular table, 5-axis – x-750mm, y-520mm, z-520mm, b-180°, c- +/- 360°, S/N: 15035710204 (2005)

Kitamura Mdl. Center 8F Bridge CNC Vertical Machining Center, with 35-1/2” x 98-1/2” working surface table, chip conveyor, 40-position automatic tool changer, #50 taper, up to 10,000 RPM, max diameter of tools 127mm, Cool Jet chip blaster, Fanuc Series 16i-MB control, S/N: 55179

Makino Mdl. V33 CNC Vertical Machining Center, with Professional 3 CNC control, 4th axis, 16” x 29-1/2” working surface table, 24-position automatic tool changer, Oilmatic automatic oil temp regulator, air dryer, S/N: 320

Mitsui Seiki Mdl. Vertex 550-5X 5-Axis CNC Vertical Machining Center, with #40 taper, 40-position automatic tool changer, Fanuc Series 31i-Mdl. 5 CNC control, S/N: J989850-1 (2007); complete with Knoll Mdl. S Chiller / Chip Conveyor Unit, S/N: 200827915 (2008)

Makino Mdl. SNC64 4-Axis CNC Vertical Machining Center, with 16-position automatic tool changer, 16” x 30” working surface table, Professional A CNC control, dust collector, Dakin inverter, S/N: 543 (New 2000)


Okuma Multus B300-W CNC Lathe, with 10” diameter 3-jaw chuck, 8” diameter 3-jaw chuck, chip conveyor, Okuma OSP-P200L CNC control, pick-off attachment, S/N: 122398 (2006); complete with Chip Blaster Mdl. FV-13 High Pressure High Volume Coolant System

Mazak Integrex Mdl. 200Y CNC Lathe, with Mazatrol PC-Fusion CNC 640MT control, 40-position automatic tool changer, 10” diameter 3-jaw chuck, hydraulic tailstock, chip conveyor, S/N: 138775

Okuma Mdl. LB300 Space Turn CNC Lathe, with Okuma OSP-U100L CNC controls, chip conveyor, 8” diameter 3-jaw chuck, hydraulic tailstock, 12-position turret, S/N: 1007.0010

Okuma Mdl. Captain-L370 CNC Lathe, with Okuma OSP-P200L CNC controls, chip conveyor, 10” diameter 3-jaw chuck, hydraulic tailstock, 12-position turret, S/N: 526295 (2010); complete with Type RF-5469 High Pressure Coolant Pump, Absolent ODF1000C Dust Collector


Jones & Shipman Mdl. 1267 Easy CNC Surface Grinder, with 23-1/2” x 47” electromagnetic chuck, GE Fanuc CNC control, S/N: SO-21410

42” X 80” Mattison Mdl. Neutrol 11 Surface Grinder, with [2] 42” x 37” electromagnetic chucks, Red Lion programmable control, S/N: 22225

Jones & Shipman Mdl. 1000 CNC Ultragrind Grinder, with modular, GE Fanuc Series 320i-Mdl. A control, Filtres-Monnet paper type filtration system

Studer Mdl. S31 CNC ID / OD Grinder, with Studer CNC control, paper filtration system, S/N: 030.0039.70010 (New 2000)

Studer Mdl. S30 CNC ID / OD Lean Pro Grinder, with Studer CNC control, paper filtration system, S/N: 022.0131.90.022 (1998)

Studer Mdl. S21 CNC ID / OD Lean Grinder, with Studer GE Fanuc Series 21i-T CNC control, paper filtration system, S/N: 028.0005.A0.001 (1998)


Okamoto Mdl. ACC20-24DX Grind-X Precision Surface Grinder, with 20” x 24” Walker electromagnetic chuck, down feed control, paper filtration system, S/N: 67201

Okamoto Mdl. 8.20DX Type ACC8-20DX Power Feed Surface Grinder, with down feed adjustment, Sony LH31A digital readout, 8” x 20” Kanetsu electromagnetic chuck, magnetic separator, S/N: 62447

[3] 6” x 12” Mitsui Seiki Mdl. MSG-200MH Precision Surface Grinders, S/N’s: 81123097; 82063282

Mitsui Mdl. 200MH Precision Surface Grinder, with 6” x 12” permanent magnetic chuck, S/N: 84035060

Tru-Tech Systems Precision Centerless Grinder, with control station & computer, S/N: TTS-10107

Dedtru Mdl. 188-000 Centerless Grinder, with Newall digital readout, Factstor opti-dress control, S/N: 19653

Agathon Type 175-DIA 6” Double End Precision Tool Grinder, S/N: 8021332

OK Tool & Cutter Grinder, S/N: R78112

S.O. Kobold Tool & Cutter Grinder, S/N: SOE/69-1299

Harig Tool & Cutter Grinder, with 5-1/4” x 26” working surface table

Sellers Drill Point Grinder

Darex Mdl. M1 Drill Sharpener

[2] Black Diamond Drill Point Grinders

Pratt & Whitney Drill Point Grinder

12” Disc / 6” Combination Belt Sander

Moore Mdl. G18 Series 1000 CNC Jig Grinder, with 11” x 24” working surface table, S/N: G-3597

Moore #3 CNC Jig Grinder, with 11” x 24” working surface table, S/N: G-112

[2] Moore Tool Cabinets

11” Moore Rotary Table, S/N: SRT-417

[2] Donaldson Torit Mdl. SDF40D 5HP Dust Collectors, 4-bag, with Torit checker board control, S/N’s: TG527834-003; N/A

Mdl. SDF4 Dust Collector, 4-bag, with Torit checker board control, S/N: IG527834-001

Mitsubishi Mdl. EA12V Ram Type EDM, with Advance Mdl. FP80V digital readout, 40-position automatic tool changer, hydraulic unit, S/N: 05E1A597 (New 2015)

Charmilles Type FO-550-S CNC EDM, with 23-3/4” x 29-1/2” working surface table, System 3R tooling, Temptek chilling unit, Agie Charmilles control, 8-position 12-1/2” x 12-1/2” Erowa pallet system with 77-station tool holder, S/N: 667-427 (2007)

Charmilles Ram Type EDM, with 31-1/2” x 26-1/2” working surface table, Erowa tooling, 40-station carousel type pick & feed attachment, S/N: 176052

Sodick Premium Mdl. AQ537L Type LQW537 Wire EDM, with Sodick Mdl. LQ33W CNC control, 3-cartridge filtration system, 20”x 32” table area, S/N: 0366

Mitsubishi Mdl. VX20 CNC Ram Type EDM, with System 3R tooling, 24-position automatic tool changer, 29” x 23-1/2” working surface table, 38” wide x 29” x 17” deep tub size, FP100 CNC control, S/N: 08V20201 (1998)

Also Available: Quantity of 3R Tooling

Unisig-Kansai Mdl. KSG-1000NC Gun Drill, with Fanuc OM control, chip separator & chip conveyor, 39” x 59” working surface table, 12” vertical table movement, approximately 80” max stroke, S/N: 4244

Nestal Mdl. 8000 Synergy 800 Ton Capacity Plastic Injection Molder, Type S8000-5500E, with 8000kn clamping unit, 5500E injection unit, 1150 / 1650mm mould height, 550 / 1050 mould height with false plate, 0-1000mm opening stroke, 1920kn opening force, 1220mm x 1220mm distance between tie bars, 185mm tie bar diameter, 2.5 sec. dry cycle, 160kw drive power, 360mm screw stroke, 90mm screw diameter, 2290 cmᴲ max cylinder volume, 2196g shot weight, 2410 bar injection pressure, L/D ratio 27, 4453cmᴲ/s max injection rate, 74kw heating capacity, 119kn nozzle contact force, 680 oil tank capacity, max screw revs / max torque: min -1 / nm – speed: 300/4662 master: 300/7677, 73,100kg approximate net weight (without oil), 12mm injection unit nozzle diameter, Machine #2007003801, Series #6.002.008 (Installed 2011)

Nestal Mdl. 1000 Synergy 100 Ton Capacity Plastic Injection Molder, Type S-1000-460, Series #124010, S/N: 9N-98762 (1999)

4’ x 17” Wilton Mdl. 5216001 Radial Drill, with 40-1920 RPM spindle speeds, power elevation, power clamping, box table, S/N: 13066

Westhoff High Speed Bench Drill, with 8-1/2” x 8-1/2” working surface table, S/N: 77-683


DeVlieg Mdl. 43K-48 CNC Jig Mill, with 35” x 48” working surface table, CNC Engineering control, S/N: 9876

Hardinge Mdl. HLV-H Precision Toolroom Lathe, S/N: HLV-H-14775

Mori Seiki Mdl. MS-350 18” x 36” Geared Head Engine Lathe, with 10” 6-jaw chuck, 32-1800 RPM spindle speeds, Anilam Wizard 411 digital readout, S/N: 14379

Bridgeport Series I Vertical Milling Machine, with 9” x 48” working surface table, 60-4200 RPM spindle speeds, Acu-Rite 2-axis digital readout, S/N: 274275

[2] Bridgeport Series 2J Vertical Milling Machines, with 9” x 42” working surface table, 60-4200 RPM spindle speeds, [1] with Bausch & Lomb Acu-Rite II digital readout, [1] with Anilam Wizard digital readout, S/N’s: 209727; 174710

14” Vertical Bandsaw, with 14” x 14” working surface table, dust collector

Hem Mdl. V-100LM-2 Vertical Bandsaw, S/N: 553397

Hem Mdl. 1000A Horizontal Bandsaw, with 12” x 18” opening, dual clamps, S/N: 153881

Black & Decker Panel Saw

Vapor Master Mdl. 1010 Reach-In Sand Blast Cabinet, S/N: M0201 (New 2002)

Airbrasive Mdl. 6500 System 2 Reach-In Sand Blast Cabinet, with Comco micro blaster

Empire Mdl. FF-2436 Reach-In Sand Blast Cabinet, S/N: C-21126

Clemco Mdl. ACD Reach-In Sand Blast Cabinet, S/N: 109

Empire Reach-In Sand Blast Cabinet

Lucifer Mdl. 85AM-J18 Furnace, with top & bottom drawers, 2150°F max temperature, 58-amps, [2] Honeywell chart recorders, [4] Honeywell digital readouts, S/N: 6443

Lucifer Mdl. 82AM-024 Furnace, with 2150°F max temperature, [2] Honeywell chart recorders, [5] Honeywell digital readouts, S/N: 5546

Hupperts Mdl. KH5700 Oven, ID 18” x 19” wide x 14” high

Approximately 75 Ton Capacity Enerpac Garage Type Hydraulic Press, with 35” between uprights

Approximately 20 Ton Capacity Enerpac Garage Type Hydraulic Press, with 27” between uprights


Brown & Sharpe Mdl. Mistral 07-10-05 3-Axis Coordinate Measuring Machine, with 62” long working surface table, 30” between uprights, Renishaw PH10M probe, 6-station Renishaw tool holder with computer & probe interface, S/N: 01610 (New 2001)

Brown & Sharpe Mdl. MicroXcel PFX4-5-4 3-Axis Coordinate Measuring Machine, with 6-station tool changer, 22” x 29-1/2” working surface table, stand & computer, Renishaw PH10T control, S/N: 1100-1958 (New 2000)

[2] Mahr Type PST-MSE Perthometers, S/N’s: 1990; 2157/96

Zoller Mdl. Venturion 600 Tool Setter, with computer, S/N: V660C3-00262

Parlec Series 975 Parsetter TMM Tool Setter, S/N: P190060-1105

Digiman Mdl. CX2 24” Digital Height Gage

Optiflex Video System, with Quadra-Chek readout

Z-Mike 1200 Series Measuring System

Trimos Mdl. 300T Height Gage

Assorted Inspection Equipment, including: lab scale, micrometers, Fowler height gages, pin gage sets, sine plates, ID & OD gages, complete micrometer sets, plug gages, microscopes, angle blocks, v-blocks, granite surface plates, verniers, calipers, etc.

Jones & Lamson Mdl. Epic 230 30” Optical Comparator, with 8-1/2” x 32” working surface table, Quadra-Chek 2000 controls

Jones & Lamson Mdl. Epic 30E 30” Optical Comparator, with 8-1/2” x 32” working surface table, Lens 10x 20x 30x

11,750# Hyster Mdl. S120XL2S Propane Forklift Truck, 184” max lift height, solid tires, 3894 hours, S/N: D004V07042P

5000# Hyster Mdl. S50XL Propane Forklift Truck, 130” max lift height, side shift, S/N: A87V11872J

3000# Caterpillar Mdl. GC15K Propane Forklift Truck, 171” max lift height, solid tires, triple mast, side shift, S/N: AT81C-C-00343

Rice Lake Mdl. IQPLUS355 10,000# Platform Scale, with 4’ x 6’ platform, digital readout

Miller AC/DC Syncrowave Welder

National Standard Type NSP100 Filter Type Sludge Removal System, S/N: 21263 (1998)

Filtres-Monnet Filter Type Sludge Removal System, approximately 30” under wheel, 23-1/2” x 63” working surface of table

Gravograph Mdl. 1S400 Programmable Engraver, with PC control, S/N: 95403-11 (2012)

Advance Mdl. 265-HD Floor Scrubber, S/N: 1189123

Pro-Pen Type M3000 Marking System

How-Con Mdl. PC-175 Portable Pump Sucker

[7] Speed Lathes, with Dayton speed control

Presto Mdl. C62 1000# Capacity Die Lift Truck, S/N: 150444

[2] Blackstone Mdl. HT-2-1224 Ultrasonic Cleaners

Upright Mdl. MX19 500# Capacity Man Lift

Curtis Steel & Supply Co. Plate Flipper, 3’ x 3’ each side

Electro Arc Tap Disintegrator

10,000# Capacity Upender

Advantage Mdl. PTS-500-2P-FF Pump Tank Station, 100 max operating pressure, S/N: 15402 (New 1989)

Advantage Mdl. NC-10A-21NEX Chiller, 100 max operation pressure, S/N: 11233

AEC Pinnacle Series Mdl. PINN2-30R-Q Chiller, with digital readout, S/N: 98M0266

6000# Raymond Mdl. 111TM-F80L Walk-Along Type Hydraulic Pallet Truck, battery operated, S/N: 111-94-11787

Quantity of Assorted Raw Material, including:

  • Rounds – up to 3” diameter x 140” long
  • Cold Roll, Stainless Steel, Moldmax High-Hard Copper Beriylium
  • 2” diameter x 219” long
  • Squares, Remants & Randoms

25” x 36” Rotary Table

Plus others, too much to mention

Rudox 350-KVA Motor Generator, 280kw, 120 / 208 volts, 1800 RPM, 972 amps, 60Hz, 3-phase, S/N: C075708/03 HC434D

Including: vidmar & lista tool cabinets, material handling carts, perishable tooling, c-clamps, work benches & vises, burning gage & torch sets, chain, CNC tooling, hydraulic pallet jacks, 2-door steel storage cabinets, grinding wheels, assorted miscellaneous hardware, electrical supplies, socket sets, banding carts, tape shooters, CNC tool carts, Kurt machinist vises, drill cabinets, chucks, quantity of pedestal grinders, cantilever racking, bearings, adjustable steel shelving, heavy duty pallet racks, etc.

Auction Location
12 Betnr Industrial Drive, Pittsfield, MA 01201 Get Directions
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