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Surplus Assets of the Poltech Group – Large Capacity & Heavy Machine Tools

FEATURING: Large Capacity Precision Machining Equipment Including Floor & Table Type Horizontal Boring Mills, Giana, Tos & Boehringer CNC & Manual Lathes, CNC Vertical Turret Lathe, Vertical Boring Mills, Vertical Machining Centers, Twin Head Vertical Grinder, Cylindrical Grinders, Toolroom, Rotary Tables, Angle Plates, Accessories, Tooling and More!
April 8, 2021
10:30AM ET
Ontario, Canada
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  • ENSHU VMC 650 CNC vertical machining center with FANUC SERIES 15-M CNC control, 26”x63” table, travels: X – 51”, Y – 25”, Z – 22”, 26” max. distance spindle nose to table top, speeds to 4000 RPM, 50 taper, 30-station ATC, coolant, chip conveyor, s/n:  293
  • CINCINNATI MILACRON 10VC-1250 CNC vertical machining center with ACRAMATIC 900 CNC control, 26”x54” table, travels: X – 50”, Y – 26”, Z- 20”, speeds to 4000 RPM, CAT40 taper, 21 station ATC, coolant, s/n: 49581


  • KEARNEY & TRECKER MILWAUKEE-MATIC MODU-LINE 4-axis horizontal machining center with retrofit FANUC CNC control, 50”x40” table/31” diameter rotary table, travels: X – 30”, Y – 26”, Z – 20”, B – 360 deg., speeds to 3600 RPM, 50 taper spindle, CHIP BLASTER high pressure coolant, chip filtration, chip conveyor, s/n: n/a


  • TOS KURIM FSS80 CNC bed type milling machine with HEIDENHAIN TNC 355 CNC control, 78.75”x31.5” table, travels: X – 118”, Y – 31”, Z – 33”, speeds to 2000 RPM, 50 taper spindle, universal milling head, coolant, s/n: 16468


  • OERLIKON BOEHRINGER VDF 180C-U CNC turning center with PHILLIPS VDFB2T CNC control, 12” swing over bed, 12” max. workpiece diameter, 39” max. turning length, 2” spindle bore, 8” 3-jaw chuck, 6-station turret, speeds to 5000 RPM, 34 HP spindle motor, coolant, chip conveyor, s/n: 1113.1045-23
  • GIDDINGS & LEWIS CNC turning center with FANUC CNC control, 34” swing over bed, 76” distance between centers, 14-station turret, 15” hydraulic 3-jaw chuck, coolant, chip conveyor, s/n: 532-2028-91


  • GIANA GFP 10 CNC lathe with GE FANUC OT CNC control, 20” swing over bed, 156” between centers, 4.75” spindle bore, speeds to 1582 RPM, inch/metric threading, 31” 4-jaw chuck, coolant, chip conveyor, s/n: 2388


  • TOS SKJ20 CNC vertical turret lathe with FAGOR CNC control, 80” diameter table, 98” swing, 53” max. turning height, 160 RPM max. table speed, 4-station turret, s/n: 2212000


  • LAZZATI & CO. HB 150 MM floor-type horizontal boring mill with 5.9” spindle, 29” column travel, 90” vertical travel, 29.5” spindle travel, 118” cross travel, 50 taper spindle, 35-45 HP spindle motor, AXESTA 3-axis DRO, vertical milling head, GIDDINGS & LEWIS 84”x168” t-slot angle plate (may be sold separately), s/n: 20182


  • SAN ROCCO FUTURA 10 table-type horizontal boring mill with 4” spindle, 51”x43” rotary table, 48” longitudinal travel, 58” vertical travel, 26” spindle travel, 80” cross travel, speeds to 1420 RPM , 3-axis DRO, pendant control, coolant, s/n: 9107/3
  • VWF BFN 125 table-type horizontal boring mill with 6” spindle, 73”x70.5” t-slot table, 96” longitudinal travel, 65” vertical travel, 44” spindle travel, 152” cross travel, speeds to 1000 RPM, right angle head, HEIDENHAIN 3-axis DRO, pendant control, s/n: 135822


  • TOS HOSTIVAR BHU 50/1500 universal cylindrical grinder with 23” swing over table, 60” max. distance between centers, 15 HP wheel head motor, ID spindle, swivel head, 8” 3-jaw chuck, coolant, s/n: 02 77 368
  • TOS HOSTIVAR BUB 32/1000 universal cylindrical grinder with, 18” swing over table, 34.37” max. distance between centers, 770 lb. max. workpiece weight, 12.5” max. grinding diameter, 39” max. grinding length, swivel table, programmable NC control, ID spindle, 8” 3-jaw chuck, s/n: 0268289


  • DORRIES VSE125 twin head hydraulic vertical grinding machine with 49” diameter table, 55” swing, 43” max. grinding height, 150 RPM max. table speed, 45 deg. max. grinding head inclination, s/n: M133/50658


  • GIANA heavy duty engine lathe with 44” swing over bed, 280” distance between centers, 6” spindle bore, speeds to 1030 RPM, inch/metric threading, 28” 4-jaw chuck, steady rests, coolant, s/n: n/a
  • TOS CELAKOVICE SU100 lathe with 48” swing over bed, 204” distance between centers, 4” spindle bore, speeds to 450 RPM, inch/metric threading, 24” 3-jaw chuck, HEIDENHAIN 2-axis DRO, steady rest, coolant, s/n: 0443504
  • STANKO 1M63B gap bed engine lathe with, 31” swing over bed, 122” distance between centers, 3.25” spindle bore, speeds to 1250 RPM, inch/metric threading, 15” 3-jaw chuck, HEIDENHAIN 2-axis DRO, steady rest, coolant, s/n: 3385
  • BOEHRINGER GOPPINGEN VDF lathe with 36” swing over bed, 136” distance between centers, 5” spindle bore, speeds to 1120 RPM, inch/metric threading, 30” 4-jaw chuck, steady rest, coolant, s/n: 10490770
  • BOEHRINGER GOPPINGEN VDF lathe with, 31” swing over bed, 107” distance between centers, 5” spindle bore, speeds to 1000 RPM, inch/metric threading, 24” 4-jaw chuck, steady rest, coolant, s/n: M6701047000376 19711 5531
  • BOEHRINGER GOPPINGEN VDF gap bed engine lathe with 21” swing over bed, 108” distance between centers, 2.5” spindle bore, speeds to 1120 RPM, inch/metric threading, 8” 3-jaw chuck, steady rest, coolant, s/n: 1925552106
  • BOEHRINGER GOPPINGEN VDF lathe with 21” swing over bed, 64” distance between centers, 2.5” spindle bore, speeds to 1120 RPM, inch/metric threading, 10” 3-jaw chuck, steady rest, coolant, s/n: 10253747


  • LAGUN FU.1 universal milling machine with 36”x7” table, speeds to 1800 RPM, swing arm universal head, 40 taper spindle, HEIDENHAIN 3-axis DRO, s/n: 12545
  • (2) HURE PU771 universal milling machines with 80”x27.5” table, speeds to 1200 RPM, 3-axis HEIDENHAIN DRO, s/n: 1571; 740989
  • FIRST LC-18VA vertical milling machine with 49”x9” table, speeds to 4500 RPM, D-ANN 2-axis DRO, s/n: 77120726
  • UCIMU 10’ radial arm drill with approx. 30” column, speeds to 1470 RPM, 39.5”x35.5”x24” t-slot box table, s/n: 55489
  • (2) TACCHELLA MACCHINE 40l.R universal tool and cutter grinders with 32”x4.5” table, 8” wheel, speeds to 600 RPM, dust collector, s/n: 136263; 166227
  • CUOGHI APE 60 tool and cutter grinder with 10” 6-jaw chuck, s/n: 8031
  • TOS surface grinder with 31”x8” table, 23.5”x8” magnetic chuck, 8” grinding wheel, coolant, s/n: 2258
  • HKS 25MG gearhead drill with 54”x16.5” table, speeds to 2000 RPM, coolant, s/n: 251084
  • BROOK MOTORS LTD double-end pedestal grinder with DUSTKOP dust collector, s/n: ATF.SWM.751906


TOS ISO 16 power rotary table with 80”x80” table, 16 ton capacity, s/n: 02-12; machine tool accessories comprising rotary tables; indexing and dividing heads, angle plates, chucks and lathe accessories; LARGE SELECTION of CAT 50 & 50 taper tool holders; selection of brand name perishable tooling mostly brand new never used including end mills, drills, reamers, taps, carbide cutters, carbine insert cutters, carbide inserts AND MORE!


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