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May 8, 2018
10:30AM EST
Bohemia, NY
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Paul Lashin
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May 7, 2018
9:00AM - 4:00PM EST
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  • 2006 Doosan Daewoo Puma MX-2500ST CNC 8-Axis Turning & Milling Center, with B-axis milling spindle, sub-spindle, C-axis, Y-Axis, 10” diameter left & right chucks, 12-position lower turret with live tooling, Fanuc 18iTB CNC control, 40-position automatic tool changer, Capto C6 tooling, 21.7” max. turning dia., 40.2” max. turning length, 35 HP/3500 RPM left spindle, 30 HP/5000 RPM sub-spindle, 20 HP/10,000 RPM milling spindle, Turbo chip conveyor, tool eye, S/N: PX25ST0134 (2006) VIEW VIDEO


  • Daewoo Puma 350MA CNC Lathe with Live Tooling, with 12” chuck, 27.5” swing, 50” center distance, 12-position turret, Fanuc 18T control, live tooling, 4” spindle bore, 40 HP motor, 3000 RPM, tool eye, hydraulic tailstock, S/N: P35M0114 (1998) VIEW VIDEO
  • Daewoo Puma 230MB CNC Lathe with Live Tooling, with 8” chuck, 21.7” swing, 23” Z-travel, 12-position turret, hydraulic tailstock, Fanuc 18iT control, live tooling, part catcher, tool eye, S/N: P23M0186 VIEW VIDEO
  • Daewoo Puma 200LC CNC Lathe, with 20.1” swing, 21” center distance, 12-position turret, hydraulic tailstock, part catcher, tool eye, Fanuc 21T control, S/N: PM200898 (1999) VIEW VIDEO
  • Daewoo Puma 10S-3A CNC Lathe with Live Tooling, with 22.8” swing over bed, 30.3” max. turning length, 10” chuck, 12-position turret, live tooling, 3150 RPM, 35 HP motor, Fanuc 16T control, hydraulic tailstock, hydraulic spindle clamp, S/N: 3P100018 (1995)


  • 2007 Doosan MV4020 Vertical Machining Center, 4-axis, with Fanuc 21iMB control, 47.2” x 19.7” table, Travels: X-40.2”, Y-20.1”, Z-24.6”, 30-position automatic tool changer, BT40 taper, S/N: AV5E3059 (2007) VIEW VIDEO
  • Daewoo DMV500S Vertical Machining Center, with Fanuc 18im control, 47.2” x 19.7” table, Travels: X-40.2”, Y-19.7”, Z-20.1”, 30-position automatic tool changer, BT40 taper, S/N: AV5D0018 (2000) VIEW VIDEO
  • Daewoo DMV500S Vertical Machining Center, with Fanuc 18im control, 47.2” x 19.7” table, Travels: X-40.2”, Y-19.7”, Z-20.1”, 30-position automatic tool changer, BT40 taper, S/N: AV550376 (1998)
  • Mighty Viper 750AG Vertical Machining Center, with 24-position automatic tool changer, BT40 taper, Mitsubishi Meldas CNC control, 20.5” x 37.5” table, S/N: 002400 (2000) VIEW VIDEO
  • Mighty Comet 1000PH Vertical Machining Center, with Mitsubishi CNC control, 24-position automatic tool changer, BT40 taper, oil cooler, 25” x 50” table, S/N: 950884 (1995) VIEW VIDEO
  • Leadwell MCV760XL Vertical Machining Center, with 20-position automatic tool changer, Fanuc 6M CNC control, 19.5” x 39” table, S/N: 84047


  • 8” SMW RT175VN 4-Axis Rotary Table
  • 8”, 9”, & 10” Haas 4-Axis Rotary Tables


  • Super Tec G20P-50CNC CNC OD Grinder, with 8” swing, 20” centers, Fanuc O-GC control, 12” x 1” wheel, paper coolant, S/N: GG02016 (2002)


  • Tsugami FA45 Twin-Turret CNC Chucker, with Tsugami-Fanuc CNC control, 16-position turret, 8-position turret, chip conveyor, S/N: 3139 (1989)
  • Tsugami Mercury CNC Chucker, with 6” chuck, 10-position drum turret, Fanuc 6T control (1984)
  • Hardinge AHC Automatic Chucker, with Lipe pneumatic bar feed, S/N: KHB8220
  • Hardinge HC Automatic Chucker, with overhead threading, vari-speed to 3000 RPM
  • Hardinge Automatic Chucker


  • 2010 Zeiss Contura G2 10/12/6 RDS CNC Coordinate Measuring Machine, 61” x 52” x 10” table, 48 between columns, Vast XXT probe, 33” under cross rail, S/N: 201012502625 (2010)
  • Mitutoyo BH305 Coordinate Measuring Machine, 3-axis, with 26.5” x 36” x 6” thick table, 21” between columns, 17” under rail, Renishaw TP2-5W probe
  • 14” Micro-Vu VH14 Optical Comparator, with digital readout, MicroVu Q16 computer readout, S/N: 2271


  • Victor 618EM Precision Toolroom Lathe, with power carriage 0-100 IPM, inch / metric threading, draw bar, S/N: 9110560
  • Hardinge TFB-H Super Precision Toolroom Lathe, with carriage feed, collet chuck, draw bar, Hardinge AT attachment, variable speed to 3000 RPM, S/N: KTD-8220
  • Jet 16X40 Manual Lathe, with 16” swing, 40” centers, tool slide, 2.5” hole, 8” chuck, hardened & ground ways, spindle speeds 35-2000 RPM, inch / metric threading


  • Sunnen MBC-1805-D Horizontal Hone, with power stroke, S/N: 4Y195326
  • Sunnen MBB1660 Horizontal Hone, S/N: 40130


  • Bridgeport Series I Vertical Mill, with digital readout, power feed, 9” x 48” table, Newall 2-axis digital readout, spindle speeds 60-4200 RPM, S/N: BR283030
  • Supermax YCM1-1/2VS Vertical Mill, with 9” x 42” table, Servo power feed, spindle speeds 60-4200 RPM, S/N: 0613759 (1984)
  • Alliant Vertical Mill, with 9” x 42” table, 2-axis digital readout, spindle speeds 60-4500 RPM, Servo power feed, R8 spindle, S/N: 172092907
  • Bridgeport Series 1J Vertical Mill, with 9” x 42” table, power feed, spindle speeds 80-2720 RPM, S/N: 12BR95740
  • Dahlih LIH DL-V2 Universal Mill, with horizontal & vertical heads, 51” x 11” table, spindle speeds 85-1300 RPM, S/N: 81127 (1984)


  • Super-Tec STG-250 Plain Cylindrical Grinder, 7” swing, 10” centers, with 12” diameter wheel x 1” face, S/N: 1195
  • Boyar Schultz 3A 8” x 18” Power Feed Surface Grinder, with 8” x 18” electromagnetic chuck
  • Black Diamond Model 0 Double End Drill Grinder, with 10” wheels, 1/2HP
  • Sanford 6” x 13” Hand Feed Surface Grinder, with 6” x 13” electromagnetic chuck, S/N: 1601764M


  • MSC Automatic Horizontal Bandsaw, approximately 8” x 16”, with power clamping, stock feed


  • Ingersoll Rand 2475 5HP Vertical Tank Mounted Air Compressor, S/N: NAR10054150
  • Ingersoll Rand 2475N5 5HP Vertical Tank Mounted Air Compressor, S/N: 922345
  • Ingersoll Rand D5VIN Air Dryer, with digital controls, 32-CFM


  • Moore No. 3 Jig Borer, with 11” x 24” table, S/N: B1126
  • So-Low C85-5 Ultra-Low Freezer, 28” wide x 40” long x 40” high, inside dimensions: 18” x 30” x 16” deep, S/N: 0001437
  • Abrasive 6500SS White Industrial Products Airbrasive 6500 System 2 Reach-In Type Sand Blast Cabinet
  • Moore No. 3 Jig Borer, with 11” x 24” table, S/N: B1126
  • Empire MH-2636S Reach-In Type Sand Blast Cabinet, with dust collector, S/N: C1401
  • Dake Bench Type Hydraulic Press, with digital gage, 17” DBU, 10,000-PSI, manual hydraulic hand pump
  • Vibratub No. 33 Vibratory Finishing Mill, with 9” x 6” opening
  • Dumore Series 24 Auto Drill, S/N: 8197 (Cat #24-051)
  • Magnaflux ZB100F Black Light, Magnaflux Y-7 Yoke, Power Supply


  • Miscellaneous Shop Support, including: drills, milling vises, live tooling, chucks, CNC tool holders, CNC tool holder carts, hydraulic die lift carts, belt sanders, drill presses, hose, Safety-Kleen degreasers, DeWalt mitre saw, hydraulic pallet jacks, material handling carts, Lista tool cabinets, work benches, surf-o-meter, shelving, tool chests, pneumatic hand tools, ultrasonic cleaners, vidmar cabinets, 2-door steel storage cabinets, hand tools, Mdl. 742 2 ton shop hoist, granite surface plates, spindle noses, lathe tooling, collets, office furniture, sizing tubes, motors, gages, assorted hardware, etc.
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