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Revolutionizing Metalworking: The Evolution of Fiber Lasers

In the 1980s, C02 lasers were introduced to the metalworking industry with the purpose of cutting sheet metal. In recent years, Fiber lasers, which are used for cutting flat metal sheets and plates, have begun to take over the industry. The Fiber laser has made exponential advances in the past few years and has changed rapidly to match the landscape of ever-changing technology. Fiber laser cutting technology is here to stay and from our observation, CO2 lasers are becoming more and more obsolete.

Evolution of Fiber LasersThe metalworking industry has seen rapid development in the Fiber laser since its inception, especially when we compare Fiber lasers and C02 lasers.

  • In just five years, Fiber lasers have been able to achieve a 4KW cutting threshold, while CO2 lasers took approximately four times as long to reach that same threshold.
  • In ten years, Fiber lasers have achieved the 10KW to 12KW range for which the CO2 laser have never been able to achieve.
  • A 2KW Fiber laser can generate the same cutting power as a 4KW CO2 laser. Fiber lasers are the most effective when processing stainless, aluminum, brass or copper material compared to a CO2 laser.
  • Fiber lasers can cut 5x faster than a CO2 laser and utilizes half the operating costs.
  • Fiber lasers have no beam path so there is no mirror or lens cleaning.

Fiber lasers are much more efficient, using less energy and are cheaper to operate; they are here to stay.

Our mission is to find high quality used Fiber lasers that become surplus and resell them on the used marketplace. We are actively looking to buy used Fiber lasers. We can provide evaluations and offer different options – whether it is a cash offer, selling on your behalf or offer trade-ins to you or your OEM supplier.

Prestige Equipment specializes in selling used Fiber lasers. Major brands include Amada, Bystronic, Cincinnati, Ermaksan, HK, Mazak, Mitsubishi, Prima and Trumpf.

Prestige Equipment is a full-service dealer with a 150,000 square foot warehouse in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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