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We provide a wide range of precision machines from Okuma such as Okuma 78" VTM-200 CNC Vertical Turning & Milling Center, Okuma VTM-200YB 78"/94" 5-Axis CNC Vertical Turning Center and Okuma V100R Vertical Lathe. Take a look at our wide selection of new and used Okuma equipment for sale.

Used Okuma Machines For Sale


Boring Mills, Vertical, CNC
  Photo Ref # Manufacturer Model Year Table Dia Swing Heads Control 
31000 Okuma VTM-200201578.74"94.48"Ram w/ ATCOSP-P300SView >  
29603 Okuma VTM-200YB201378.74"94.49"5-AxisOSP-P200LA CNCView >  
31176 Okuma V100R200740"49.21"TurretOkuma OSP-200LView >  
31391 Okuma 1SP-V100R200840"49.2"1V12 TurretView >  
30952 Okuma & Howa VTL-45M199824"31.5"(2) TurretsFanuc 18T CNCView >  
30536 Okuma VTM100 200739.37"39.37"Ram w/MillingFanuc 18i-TBView >  
Grinders, Cylindrical, CNC
  Photo Ref # Manufacturer Model Year Swing Centers CNC Control Option  
31216 Okuma GA-36F200012.99"13.78"OH-OSP-LGUAngle HeadView >  
Grinders, Cylindrical, Angle Head, CNC
  Photo Ref # Manufacturer Model Year Swing Centers Option Option 
31216 Okuma GA-36F200012.99"13.78"Angle HeadCoolantView >  
Lathes, CNC
  Photo Ref # Manufacturer Model Year Swing Center Distance Option Control 
31369 Okuma B-400-W 1500201127.95"Sub SpindleOSP-P200LView >  
31004 Okuma LB45III-C x 2000201335.43"78.74" 10.24" BoreOSP-P300L CNCView >  
29821 Okuma LU45199733"120"31" 4-JawOSP 7000LView >  
27461 Okuma LC40-1SC23.62"39.37"12" 3-JawOSP 5000View >  
Lathes, CNC, Three Axis Or More
  Photo Ref # Manufacturer Model Year Spindles Turrets Control Options 
31369 Okuma B-400-W 15002011Main, Sub, Mill1 + ATCOSP-P200L60 ATCView >  
Lathes, Oil Field & Hollow Spindle
  Photo Ref # Manufacturer Model Year Hole Diameter Swing CC Control 
31004 Okuma LB45III-C x 2000201310.24"35.43"78.74"OSP-P300L CNCView >  
Machining Centers, Horizontal, CNC
  Photo Ref # Manufacturer Model Year Travels X/Y/Z Pallets Tool Changer Control 
31338 Okuma MA-600H-II-e201939.3"/35.4"/39"(2) 25" Pallets60 ATCOSP-P300MAView >  
31249 Okuma MA-600H-II201839.3"/35.4"/39"(2) 25" Pallets160 ATCOSP-P300MAView >  
31315 Okuma MA-600HB200439.4",35",39"24.8" x 24.8" 60 ATC OSP-U100MView >  
27132 Okuma & Howa Millac 630H199840",32",23"(2) 24.8"x24.8"80 ATCFanuc 16MView >  
Machining Centers, Vertical, CNC
  Photo Ref # Manufacturer Model Year Travels X/Y/Z Control Tool Changer Options 
31266 Okuma & Howa Millac 1052V/2000200580"/41"/31"Fanuc 16i-MB 36-ATCHP CoolantView >  
31267 Okuma & Howa Millac 852V/30502005120"/33"/29"Fanuc 16M CNC36 ATCTSC, 4th-AxisView >  
31268 Okuma & Howa Millac 852V/2000200680"/33"/29"Fanuc 16M CNC36-ATCCAT 50View >  
31269 Okuma & Howa Millac 852V/2000200680"/33"/29"Fanuc 16M CNC36-ATCCAT 50View >  
31270 Okuma & Howa Millac 852V/2000200580"/33"/29"Fanuc 16M CNC36-ATCCAT 50View >  
31271 Okuma & Howa Millac 852V/30502001120"/33"/29"Fanuc 16M CNC36-ATC4th-Axis TableView >  
Machining Centers, Vertical, Bridge-Type, CNC
  Photo Ref # Manufacturer Model Year Travels X/Y/Z Control Btw Columns Options 
30748 Okuma MCR-B III 2013189"/146"/32"OSP-P300M120.08"51.18"-W-AxisView >  

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