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Multi-Axis CNC Machining & Turning– Surplus to Aerospace & Power Generation Manufacturers

CNC Vertical & Horizontal Machining Centers, CNC Bridge Mills, CNC Turning Centers, CNC VTLs, CNC Gap Bed Engine Lathe, Grinders, Coordinate Measuring Machine, Floor Plates, Straightening Press and More!
November 17, 2021
1:00PM ET
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  • 2018 HP Jet Fusion 4210 Industrial 3D Printer, Building Volume: 15″ x 11.2″ x 15″, Layer Thickness 0.003″, Processing Resolution 600 DPI, with Intel Core i7 Processor, 16GB DDR3 Memory, 2TB Hard Disk, Compatable Printing Material: HP 3D PA 11, PA 12, PA 12 Glass Beads, TPA,  & Estane 3D TPU M95A, with HP Jet Fusion 4200 3D Processing Station with Fast Cooling, 2- Build Units, New 2018. Note: Delivery Included to Lower 48 States VIEW VIDEO VIEW FULL DETAILS


  • Okuma & Howa Millac PF853-5X 5-Axis CNC Profiler & Machining Center, Fanuc 31iA 5-Axis CNC Control, Travels: X-120.08″, Y-33.46″, Z-27.56″, A/B-Axis Spindle Swivel: +/-35 Degrees, 75 HP Spindle Motor, 60-12,000 RPM, 30 ATC, CAT 50 Taper, Chip Conveyor, SN 83020, New 2007 VIEW VIDEO VIEW FULL DETAILS


  • OKK KCV800 CNC 4-Axis Vertical Machining Center, Fanuc 160iS-MB Controls, Travels: X-120.07″, Y-32.28″ (+1.77), Z-28.34″, 129″ x 32″ Table, 30 ATC, CAT 50, Chip Blaster, Chip Conveyor, 25″ 4th-Axis Rotary Table, Fanuc 160iS-MB Controls, SN 152, New 2008 VIEW VIDEO VIEW FULL DETAILS
  • OKK KCV800 CNC 4-Axis Vertical Machining Center, Fanuc 160iS-MB Controls, Travels: X-120.07″, Y-32.28″ (+1.77), Z-28.34″, 129″ x 32″ Table, 30 ATC, CAT 50, Chip Blaster, Chip Conveyor, 25″ 4th-Axis Rotary Table, SN 150, New 2008 VIEW FULL DETAILS
  • Okuma & Howa Millac 852V/2000 CNC 4-Axis Vertical Machining Center, Fanuc 16M CNC Control, Travels: X-80.71″, Y-33.46″, Z-29.53″, 86.6″ x 33.46″ Table, 36 ATC, CAT 50, Through Spindle Coolant, Chip Conveyor, 16″ Tsudakoma RNCB-402R 4th Axis Rotary Table, SN 6045, New 2005 VIEW VIDEO VIEW FULL DETAILS
  • Mori Seiki MV653/50 CNC 4-Axis Vertical Machining Center, Travels: X-60″, Y-26″, Z-26″, 120 ATC, CAT 50, 6000 RPM, Chip Conveyor, 26″ 4th Axis Rotary Table, MSX501III CNC Controls, SN MV653GE0407, New 2008 VIEW VIDEO VIEW FULL DETAILS
  • Haas MDC-500 CNC Twin Pallet Vertical Machining Center, Haas CNC Control, Travels: X-20″, Y-14″, Z-20″, Dual 20″ x 12.75″ Pallets, Rotary Pallet Changer, 10,000 RPM, 20 HP, 24 ATC, CAT 40, Rigid Tapping, Chip Auger, SN 37583, New 2005 VIEW VIDEO VIEW FULL DETAILS
  • SNK FSP-50V CNC Vertical Machining Center, Fanuc 6M CNC Control, 20″ x 52″ Table, Travels: X-40″, Y-30″, 50 Taper, 24 ATC, Way Covers, Chip Shields, Coolant Tank, SN 8236221

CNC Router:

  • Komo Mach One GT-524 CNC Router, Fanuc CNC Control, X-299″, Y-86″, Z-10″, Table Size 288″ x 60″, 24,000 RPM, 16 HP Motor, 10 ATC, Travan Dynaseal 40 HP Vacuum Pump, New 2010 SOLD


  • SNK RB-2N CNC Bridge Type Vertical Machining Center, Fanuc 0i CNC Control, 24-Station ATC,  47” x 84” Table, Travels: X-92”, Y-66.9” Z-15.7”, 65” Between Columns, 51.8” Under Spindle, #50 Taper,  Adjustable Cross Rail, Spindle Speeds 50-2000 RPM, Way Covers, Coolant, SN: 8102561 [REBUILT & RETROFIT IN 2010] VIEW VIDEO VIEW FULL DETAILS
  • SNK RB-2N CNC Bridge Type Vertical Machining Center, Fanuc 0i CNC Control, 24- Station ATC, 48” x 168” Table, Travels: X-170”, Y-66.9”, Z-15.7”, 65” Between Columns, 51.8” Under Spindle,  #50 Taper, Adjustable Cross Rail, Spindle Speeds 50-2000 RPM, Coolant,  S/N: 8102563 [REBUILT & RETROFIT 2009] VIEW VIDEO VIEW FULL DETAILS
  • OOYA RE-5M CNC Bridge Type Vertical Machining Center, Mitsubishi Meldas CNC Control, 16-Station ATC, 62” x 73” Table, Travels: X-76”, Y-60”, Z-15.7”, 87” Between Columns, 48” Under Spindle, 20 HP, #50 Taper, Adjustable Rail, Remote Pendant, SN N76K4083 SOLD


  • Mitsui Seiki HJ80A CNC Flexible Machining System with Fastems APC, Consisting Of: (4) Mitsui Seiki HJ80A CNC 4-Axis CNC Horizontal Machining Centers, SNs 199, 190, 185, 162, Each With: Travels X-47.2″, Y-37.4″, Z-35.4″, 240 ATC, 6000 RPM, CAT 50 Taper, 40 HP Motor, Through Spindle Coolant, Chip Conveyor, with Fastems MLS-XMD 42-Station Dual-Level Automatic Pallet System; Machines, Fanuc 30iA CNC Control, New 2007. Note: Machine SN 162 Needs Repair VIEW FULL DETAILS


  • Okamoto HMC-3000 CNC Horizontal Machining Center, Mitsuibishi CNC Control, 40-Station ATC, Travels: X-118.11”, Y-58”, Z-28”, #50 Taper, 31.5” x 120” Table, #50 Taper, 20-4000 RPM, Chiller, Chip Conveyor, S/N HMC30002 (Rotary Table Not Available) VIEW VIDEO VIEW FULL DETAILS
  • OKK MCH-700 CNC Horizontal Machining Center, Fanuc 6M Controls, 40-ATC, Travels X-58”, Y-29”, Z-26”, 2-Pallets with Shuttle, Coolant, Daikin Chiller


  • 2016 Samsung SL-15/300 CNC Turning Center, Fanuc Series Oi Mate-TD Controls, 17.72″ Swing, 11.81″ Centers, 6.5″ 3-Jaw Chuck, Tool Eye, 10-Station Turret, Tailstock, Chip Conveyor, SN 14C140081, New 2016 (Brenham, TX) VIEW FULL DETAILS
  • 2012 Clausing Metosa MC1760 CNC Lathe, Fagor 8055i Conversational CNC Control, 17.7″ Swing Over Bed, 10″ Swing Over Cross Slide, 60″ Between Centers, 3000 Max. RPM, 2.5″ Spindle Bore, 15  HP Motor, with 10″ 3-Jaw Chuck, 8-Station Vertical Turret, Tailstock, Chip & Splash Enclosure, Automatic Lube System, SN 900215, New 2012 SOLD
  • Mazak Integrex 35 CNC Turning/Milling Center, 22.5″ Swing Over Bed, 60″ Maximum Machining Length, 40 HP, Mazatrol T Plus CNC Control, 12″ 3-Jaw Chuck, 20 Station ATC, Coolant Thru Spindle, Chip Conveyor


  • 50″ x 242″/282″ VDF Wohlenberg U-1270 Sliding Headstock CNC Gap Bed Lathe, 50″ Swing Over Bed, 100″ Swing Over Gap, 39.37″ Swing Over Saddle, 282″ Center Distance With Gap Open, 242″ Center Distance with Gap Closed, 40″ Gap Length, 27,500 Lb. Work Weight Capacity with 2-Steady Rests, 53.6 HP Main Motor, 450 RPM, 39.37″ Face Plate Chuck, 8-Position Power Turret, Boring Bar Attachment, Power Tailstock, Allen Bradley 7360 CNC Control, SN D4177, Note: Chip Conveyor Needs Repair VIEW FULL DETAILS


  • 40” Hankook VTC-100 CNC Vertical Turning Center with Live Milling, Fanuc 21iTB CNC Control, 49.21″ Maximum Swing, 39.37″ T-Slotted Table, 31.49″ Max. Turning Height, 39.84″ X-Axis Horizontal Saddle Travel, 31.49″ Z-Axis Ram Stroke, 50 HP Table Motor, 0.001 Degree C-Axis Contouring Table, 8820 Lb. Max. Table Weight Capacity, 16-Position ATC, 3000 RPM Milling Speeds, 20 HP Milling Motor, SN 38J08354, New 2007SOLD
  • 16” Hardinge VT200 CNC Vertical Turning Center with Live Milling, Fanuc 16T CNC Control, 25.5″ Swing, 15.75″ Table Diameter, 19.6″ Max. Turning Height, 19.88″ Z-Axis Travel, 30 HP Main Motor, 12-Station Turret, 3000 RPM Rotary Tool Speeds, 7.5 HP Rotary Tool Motor, A2-11 Spindle Nose, Probe, Cooljet Through Spindle Coolant, Chip Conveyor, SN VL-492-2, New 2000 VIEW VIDEO VIEW FULL DETAILS
  • 36” Ex-Cell-O CNC Vertical Turret Lathe, Mitsubishi Meldas CNC Control, 5-Station Turret, 36” 4-Jaw Chuck, 42” Swing, X-42”, Y-24”, Chip Conveyor, Table Speeds to 1150 RPM, 50 HP, Jorgensen Chip Conveyor, Coolant, SN 4540075 VIEW FULL DETAILS


  • Zeiss DB-1200 Zeiss DB-1200 CNC Bridge-Type CMM, 134″ x 82″ Granite Table, 77.5″ Between Columns, 54″ Under Rail, Probe, Updated with Calypso Software In 2015 SOLD


  • TOS WD130A Floor Type CNC Horizontal Boring Mill, Fanuc 16-iM CNC Control, 5.12” Spindle, Travels: X-182”, Y-98”, Z-36”, W-39.37” Spindle, W-18”, Total Axial Travel 57” Column & Spindle, Spindle Speeds 5-1000 RPM, Hardened Ways, Coolant VIEW VIDEO VIEW FULL DETAILS
  • Giddings & Lewis G50-T CNC Table Type Horizontal Boring Mill, Dynapath CNC Control, 60” x 120” Table, Travels: X-120”, Y-96”, Z-36” (Spindle), W-50”, High Speed Spindle 14-3000 RPM, 50 ANSI Taper, Hardened Ways. Power Draw Bar, Remote Pendant, 50 HP, S/N 450-0343-96 [REBUILT & CNC RETROFIT] VIEW VIDEO VIEW FULL DETAILS
  • DeVlieg 43H72 Horizontal Mill, 4” Spindle, #50 Taper, 35” x 72” Table, X-72”, Y-60”, Z-16”, W-16”, Way Covers, 30” x 32” Index Table, 26-1000 RPM, 3-Axis Anilam DRO, SN 8848


  • 48” Webster Bennett Model EV Vertical Turret Lathe, 5-Station Turret, Elevating Rail, 48” 4-Jaw Chuck,  60” Swing, 52” Under Cross Rail, Grinding Attachment, Table Speeds 10.5-234 RPM,  Pendant, 2-Axis Acu-Rite DRO, S/N 60295 VIEW FULL DETAILS


  • Ohio Tool Works OTW-1000-5-2M-8626 Horizontal Hone, .5″-22″ ID Capacity, 23″ OD Capacity, 78.74″ Maximum Stroke, 3500 Max. RPM, 5 HP Main Drive Motor, 14.75 HP Carriage Motor, with OTW Operator Control, Banner EZ-Screen Light Curtains, Rear Splash Guard, Coolant and Paper Filtration System, SN MH1101010, New 2011 VIEW FULL DETAILS



  • 157” Eimeldingen WG 30-4000 CNC Rotary Table with 40 Ton Weight Capacity, Power Rotation, 35.43” Overall Height, Heidenhain Encoding System, Pendant Controls VIEW FULL DETAILS


  • (18) T-Slotted Cast Iron Floor Plates, Each 58.5″ x 58.5″ x 5″ Thick, (3) T-Slots VIEW FULL DETAILS
  • (2) T-Slotted Cast Iron Floor Plates, Each 78.75″ x 158″ x 14.5″


  • 400 Ton x 16′ Pacific K400-16 Hydraulic Press Brake, 400 Ton Capacity, 16′ OA, 14’4″ BH, 12″ Stroke, Manual Back Gauge, Lots of Tooling, Certified Engineered Foundation Drawings Included VIEW FULL DETAILS


  • Haeusler HPR-15 ASYM 6″ x 6″ x .70″  Angle Bending Roll, 19.7″ Diameter Rolls, 25 HP, Pedestal Control, Horizontal or Vertical Configuration, Loaded with Tooling  VIEW FULL DETAILS


  • 20-Ton Custom Fabricated Designed & Engineered, Hydraulic Straightening Press, 14’L x 60″W Between Columns, 72″ Under Ram, Power Traverse, 10″ Stroke


  • Large Quantity *Brand New* Leeson Electric Motors
  • *Brand New* 18” SMW Autoblock 3-Jaw Crankshaft Chuck
  • Supermax YCM-12 Vertical Mill, 3 HP Motor, 49″ x 96″ Table, Travels: X (Table L-R) – 37″, Y (Table In-Out – 16″), Z (Quill) – 5″, 16″ Knee Travel, 12″ Ram Travel, 60-4200 RPM, with Prototrak DRO, Power Feed, Ram Swivel, Head Swivel & Tilt, SN 8051879 VIEW FULL DETAILS
  • 14″ x 40″ Mattison Hydraulic Surface Grinder, 20″ x 3″ Wheel, 15 HP, Electro-Matic Chuck-Tron Magnetic Chuck Controller, Coolant Tank
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