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Featuring Mikron, Haas, Mori Seiki, Hardinge, Kiwa CNC Machining and CNC Turning Centers, Concept Laser M2 Cusing 3D Metal Printer, Supertec CNC Cylindrical Grinder, CNC Dual-Axis Rotary Tables, Gear Machines, Tooling, Electric Motors, and More!
May 13, 2020
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  • CONCEPT LASER M2 Cusing 3D Metal Printer, 400W Laser, 9.84″ x 9.84″ x 11.02″ Build Capacity, Wet Separator, Powder Change Container, Ran Inconel 718 and Proprietary Nickel Alloy,  1049 Curing Laser Exposure Hours, S/N M2-2014-01-08, Age 2014


  • (3) MIKRON HSM-400U 5-Axis CNC High Speed Machining Center with 45-Station Automatic Pallet Changer, 42,000 RPM, 36-Position Automatic Tool Changer, X-15.74″, Y-9.44″, Z-13.77″, B-Axis Table Swivel +/-110 Degrees, with Heidenhain iTNC530 CNC, 6.14″ Swivel-Type Rotary Table, 36 Position ATC, 45-Station APC, Spindle Chiller, Coolant Tank & Pump, Chip  Conveyor, S/N, Age 2008
  • HAAS VF-1D CNC Vertical Machining Center, Travels: X-20″, Y-16″, Z-20″, 10,000 RPM, 20 ATC, CAT 40 Taper, High Speed Machining, Intuitive Programming, P-Cool, Spindle Orientation, Quick Code, With Haas TR110 Dual-Axis Trunnion Table, Renishaw Probe, Chip Auger, Tooling, S/N 1071871, Age 2008
  • MORI SEIKI GV-503 High Speed Dual Pallet CNC Vertical Machining Center, Travels: X-24″, Y-20″, Z-18.1″, 12,000 RPM, (2) 29.5″ x 21.7″ Pallets, 30 ATC, Chip Conveyor, MSG-805 CNC, S/N 261, Age 2001
  • KIWA KNH-400 4-Axis Horizontal Machining Center, X-23.62″, Y-23.62″, Z-19.68″, 10,000 RPM, 120 ATC, CAT 40, (2) 15.7″ x 15.7″ Pallets, 0.001 Degree, 880 Lb. Work Weight Capacity, Through Spindle Coolant, Renishaw Probe, (2) Tombstones, Fanuc 18iM CNC Control, Chip Conveyor, S/N PB6120R, Age 2000
  • OKK MCV-660 CNC Vertical Machining Center, X-59.84″, Y-25.98″, Z-25.98″, Table Size 66.93″ x 25.59″, 4409 Lb. Work Load Capacity, 24 ATC, CAT 50 Taper, Chip Conveyor, OKK Neomatic CNC Control,  S/N 174


  • STAR SV-32J CNC Swiss Turning Center, Fanuc 18iT CNC Control, 1.25″ Max. Turning Diameter, 12.20″ Max. Headstock Stroke, 7000 RPM, 15 Degree Main / Sub Spindle Indexing, C-Axis, Backworking Spindle, Parts Catcher, 4-Position Gang Slide w/ 3 Power Driven Tools, 8-Position Turret, Chip Conveyor, LNS Express 332 Magazine Bar Feed, Age 1998
  • TSUGAMI NP-32 CNC Swiss Turning Center, 1.26″ Max. Diameter, 2 x 8-Position Turrets Live Tool Positions, Pickoff/Backworking Spindle,  3.46″ X1 Axis, 4.52″ X2 Axis, 8.46″ Z1/Z2 Axes, 5-Degree C-Axis Main Spindle, 15-Degree Back Spindle Indexing, 4500 RPM Main Spindle, 3000 RPM Back Spindle, 5400 RPM Rotary Tool Speed, LNS Hydrobar Feed, Fanuc 0T CNC Control, S/N 9036


  • MORI SEIKI NT-4250DCG/1500 CNC Turning & Milling Center Mori Seiki NT-4250DCG/1500 CNC Turning & Milling Center, MSX-711V CNC Control, 28.74″ Max. Workpiece Swing, 69.3″ Between Centers, 25.98″ Max. Turning Diameter, 61.5″ Max. Turning Length, 3.15″ Bar Work Capacity, Equipped With 2-Axis Milling Head: 12,000 RPM, 25 HP, 0.001 Degree Indexing; 100 ATC, 10″ Chuck, 4000 RPM, 35 HP; Programmable Tailstock, Chip Blaster D30 High Pressure Coolant Unit, Concep2000 Chip Conveyor, Transformer, Age 2009
  • MORI SEIKI NLX-2500Y/700 CNC Turning Center, MSX-853IV CNC Control, 23.58″ Swing Over Bed, 14.41″ Max. Turning Diameter, 27.76″ Max. Turning Length, 37.83″ Between Centers, 10.2″ Y-Axis Travel, 3.15″ Bar Capacity, 25 HP, 4000 RPM Main Spindle, 10,000 RPM Rotary Tool Speed, 10″ 3-Jaw Chuck, 12-Position Turret, Tailstock, C-Axis, Live Milling, Tool Eye, Chip Blaster D30 High Pressure Coolant, LNS Turbo HB Chip Conveyor, Transformer, NL254KD0073, 8,728 Cutting Hours, Age 2011
  • HAAS TL-1 CNC Toolroom Lathe, Haas CNC Control, 20″ Swing, 30″ Centers, 8″ Chuck, 10 HP, 1800 RPM, Tool Post, Tailstock, Intuitive Programming, Full Enclosure, Power On Hours: 2283 Hrs; Cycle Hours: 278 Hrs; Feed Cutting: 215 Hrs., S/N 3075941, Age 2006.
  • HARDINGE T51-SP Super Precision CNC Turning Center, 26″ Swing, 22″ Max. Turning Diameter, 23″ Max. Turning Length, 10″ 3-Jaw Chuck, 10-Position Turret, 5-Live Tool Positions, 4200 RPM Spindle, 3000 RPM Rotary Tools, Tailstock, Chip Conveyor, Tooling, S/N CL-676-BSP, Age 2000
  • EMCO-MEIR Emco-Turn 465DS CNC Turning Center, 14.5″ Swing, 2.56″ Max. Bar Diameter, 7.4″ Turning Length, 4000 RPM Spindle Speed, 20 HP Left Spindle with 7″ Chuck, 15 HP Right Spindle with Collet Chuck, C-Axis, (2) 12-Position Turrets, Live Tooling All Positions, Automatic Gantry Loading System, Chip Conveyor, S/N R4B-A03-M1003
  • EMCO-MEIR Emco-Turn 465DS CNC Turning Center, 14.5″ Swing, 2.56″ Max. Bar Diameter, 7.4″ Turning Length, 4000 RPM Spindle Speed, 20 HP Left Spindle with 7″ Chuck, 15 HP Right Spindle with Collet Chuck, C-Axis, (2) 12-Position Turrets, Live Tooling All Positions, Automatic Gantry Loading System, Chip Conveyor, S/N R4B-V01-M37004
  • MORI SEIKI RL-203 Dual Spindle CNC Turning Center, 13.38″ Between Spindles, 15.59″ Swing, 7.87″ Turning Diameter, 8″ Chucks, (2) 8-position Turrets, 4500 RPM, 15 HP Motor, LG-05 Gantry Robot Loader, 14-Station Work Stocker, Tool Eye, Through Spindle Coolant, Chip Conveyor, S/N CA0099, Age 2003


  • HARDINGE VT-200 CNC Vertical Turning Center, 15.75″ 3-Jaw Chuck, 25.5″ Swing, Live Milling, 12-Pos. Turret, Probe, Chip Conv, Fanuc 16T, S/N VL-492-2, Age 2000


  • SUPERTEC G32P CNC Cylindrical Grinder, Fanuc 0GC CNC Control, 12.6″ Swing, 40″ Between Centers, 16″ Wheel Diameter, +/- 9 Degree Table Swivel, Steady Rest, Tailstock, Coolant, S/N 6K03002, Age 2003


  • LIEBHERR LFS-380 CNC Gear Shaper, 14.96″ Max. Gear Diameter, 8.26″ Max. Gear Face, 17.71″ Max. Center Distance, 8.46″ Max. Spindle Stroke, 4.33″ Cutter Spindle Diameter, +/0,5 Degree Cutter Head Angular Setting, 48 HP Cutter Head Drive Motor, 6 Max. Normal Module, 600DS/MM Max. Strokes, 50 HP Stroke Drive Motor, Tailstock, Automatic Tool Changer, Automatic Stroke Adjustment, Chip Conveyor, Siemens Sinumerik 840D CNC, S/N 7131, Age 2007.
  • MITSUBISHI GC-20 CNC Gear Hobber, Fanuc 16M CNC Control, 7.9″ Max. Workpiece Diameter, 4.23 DP, 9.8″ Max. Axial Travel, 13.4″-29.9″ Center Distance, 5.1″ Max. Hob Diameter, 9″ Max. Hob Length, 10,000 Number Teeth X-Axis Radial Feed, Y-Axis Hob Shift, Z-Axis Axial Feed, C-Axis Table Rotation, A-Axis Hob Head Swivel, Cutting Condition Memorizing Automatic Cutting Condition, Determination Function, Hob Load Indicator Operational Field Illuminator, Hob/Hob Arbor Fixation Unit, Hob Spindle Orientation, Chip Conveyor, S/N 15598C5
  • KLINGELNBERG 10-Axis CNC Spiral Bevel & Hypoid Gear Cutting Machine, 23.6″ Work Diameter, 0.0137″-0.393″ Module Range, 0-60 Degre  Spiral Angle, 0-35 Degree Cutter Head Spindle Tilt, Continuous & Single Indexing, Chip Conveyor, Schleicher Siemens 10-Axis CNC Control, S/N 380
  • MAAG HSS-60BC Gear Grinder, 12.59″ Max. Gear Width, 2-15 Module, 8-350 Number Of Teeth, S/N 6601
  • KAPP AST-203 Gear Hob Grinder, 8″ Max. Part Diameter, 8.26″ Swing, 13.39″ Center Distance, 17.32″ Indexing Spindle To Tailstock, 0-15 Degree Grinding Spindle, 12.4″ Max. Table Stroke, 8″ Grinding Wheel Diameter, 4 HP Motor, 3000 RPM, Allen Bradley SLC 5/03 PLC, Tailstock, Coolant, Magnetic Separator, S/N  103506


12″ GOLDEN SUN CNCRB-320RV CNC 4th-Axis Rotary Table, 12.59″ Table Diameter, 4.33″ Through-Hole, 8.26″ Center Height, 0.001 Degree Indexing Increments, Air-Actuated Clamp, FANUC B12/0000iS 10 HP Servo Motor, (2004).

12.5″ MITSUI SEIKI Model NCT320 CNC 4th Axis Rotary Table, 12.5″ Diameter Table, 8.5″ Table Height, FANUC Servo Drives, (8) T-Slots, 30″ x 18″ x 8.5″ Overall Dimensions, SN 113


DO ALL 8 x 24 Surface Grinder, CITIZEN CNC Swiss Tooling; MAZAK Turning Center Tooling, CAT & VDI Tooling, VICTORY 2-Door Warming Cabinet, Chip Conveyors, Machine Accessories, & More!

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