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Precision CNC Aerospace Machining & Turning Facility

CNC TURNING CENTERS: 2010 DOOSAN Puma 240B, 2008 DOOSAN Puma 280B, 2004 DAEWOO Puma 240B, 2003 YCM SUPERMAX TC-26; CNC VERTICAL MACHINING CENTERS: 2012 & 2008 YCM MV106A’s, 2002 YCI SUPERMAX XV-1250A, MATSUURA MC-800V, MATSUURA 500V2, MATSUURA 500V-DC; DRILLING & TAPPING CENTERS: 2002 YCI SUPERMAX FV-56T, FANUC Robodrill a-T10C; BAR FEEDS: (2) LNS Eco-Load L Magazine Bar Feeds, SMW Spacesaver MUZ 12/65 Magazine Bar Feed, MISC. MACHINERY: 20” x 60” GRAZIANO SAG 17 Lathe, 12” x 30” CELTIC 12 Lathe, 6" x 13" EGURO PH6L-2A Lathe, BRIDGEPORT Vertical Mills, KALAMAZOO Band Saw, DAREX Grinders, HARDINGE HC-AT Chucker, BOYAR SCHULTZ 2A Surface Grinder, Arbor Presses, Vibratory Bowls, Assorted Haas CNC Indexers, TOOLING & SHOP SUPPORT: Air Compressor, Large Quantity of Tooling, Hand Tools, Vises, Tool Posts, Raw Steel, Cabinets, Full Array Of Shop Support Items; INSPECTION: G&L Cordax Discovery CMM, MITUTOYO PJ-300 Comparator, Large Assortment of Gages, Micrometers, Calipers, Etc.
December 6, 2018
1:00PM EST
Port Washington, NY
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Paul Lashin
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Inspection Date
December 5, 2018
8:00AM - 4:00PM EST
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  • 2010 Doosan Puma 240B, 21.6” Swing Over Bed, 15.3” Swing over Saddle, 13.7” Max. Turning Dia., 22.1” Max. Turning Length, 4500 RPM, 2.9” Hole Thru Spindle, 12-Station Turret, 8” 3-Jaw chuck, Collet Nose Spindle, Tool Eye, Parts Catcher, Tail Stock, Parts Conveyor, Hennig Chip Conveyor, Fanuc I Series Controls, LNS Eco-Load-LS2 Magazine Barfeed, S/N PM245527
  • 2008 Doosan Puma 280, 24.8” Swing Over Bed, 19.6” Swing Over Saddle, 16.5” Max. Turning Dia., 25.9” Max. Turning Length, 3.3” Hole Thru Spindle, A2-8 Spindle, 3500 RPM, 10-Station Turret, 18.5KW, Tail Stock, LNS Mdl. 5478827 Chip Conveyor, Tool Eye, Sameca SMW Spacesaver MUZ 12/65 Autoload Bar Feed, Parts Conveyor, Fanuc 21i-TB Control, S/N PM2800908
  • 2004 Daewoo Puma 240B, 21.6” Swing Over Bed, 15.3” Swing Over Saddle, 13.7” Max. Turning Dia., 22.1” Max. Turning Length, 4500 RPM, 2.9” Hole Thru Spindle, 12-Station Turret, Tail Stock, Parts Catcher, Nose Collet Turbo Mdl. 5475-8725 Chip Conveyor, LNS Eco-Load-L Magazine Barfeed, Fanuc 21i-TB, S/n PM240959
  • 2003 YCM Supermax TC-26, 19.6” Swing Over Bed, 13.7” Swing Over Carriage, 25.5” Max. Turning Length, A2-8 Spindle, 3.4” Hole Thru Spindle, 4000 RPM with 10” Chuck, 14.7/20HP, 12-Station Turret, Tail Stock, Tool Pre-Setter, Chip conveyor, Fanuc 18-T, S/N 305140


  • 2012 YCM MV106A, 44”x24” Table, BT-40 Spindle, 30-Position Automatic Tool Changer, Chip Conveyor, Chip Augers, Fanuc MXP-200FB Control, S/N 2171
  • 2008 YCM MV106A, 44” x 24” Table, BT-40 Spindle, 30-Position Automatic Tool Changer, High Pressure Thru Spindle Coolant, Chip conveyor, Fanuc MXP-200i Control, S/N 1415
  • 2002 YCI/Supermax XV-12150A, 53” x 21” Table, 50” X-Travel, 20.4” Y-Travel, 21.2” Z-Travel, BT-40 Spindle, Programmable Coolant, 2200Lbs Work Load Capacity, 30-Position Automatic Tool Changer, 8000RPM????, Fanuc MXP-100i Control, S/N 201013
  • Matsuura MC-800V, 18” x 46” Table, 30-Position Automatic Tool Changer, #40 Spindle Taper, Yasnac MX2 Control, S/N 86025219
  • Matsuura 500V-DC Twin Spindle, 15” x 34” Table, BT-35 Taper, Yasnac MX2 Control, Twin 20 Position Automatic Tool Changers, S/N 870406026
  • Matsuura 500V2, 15” x 34“ Table, 20-Position Automatic Tool Changer, Yasnac M5X Control, S/N 83043150
  • *Also Available – Haas 8” Rotary Table with Brushless Rotary Controller, Assorted HA5C & SHA5CB Indexers with Brushless Rotary Controllers


  • 2002 YCI Supermax FV56T, 27.5” x 16.5” Table, 660# Max Load Capacity, 22” X-Travel, 16.1” Y-Travel, 17.7” Z-Travel, 45-12000 RPM Spindle, 16-Position Tool Changer, BT-30 Spindle, Fanuc 18-M, S/N: 102322
  • 1996 Fanuc Robodrill A-T10C, 15.25” x 25.5” Table, 10-Position Turret, Fanuc Series 16M, Type A04B-0069-B, S/N: 969TG727


  • 17” X 60” Graziano “SAG 17” Lathe, Inch / MM Threading, 58-1500 RPM, Camloc Spindle, 10” Chuck, Steadyrest, Draw Bar, S/N: SAG17N11151
  • 12” x 30” Celt 12 Lathe, Inch / MM Threading, 16-Spindle Speeds, 45-2000 RPM, Tapered Spindle, Draw Bar
  • 12” x 20” Lathe, Inch / MM Threading, Draw Bar
  • 6” x 13” Eguro PH6L-2A Lathe, Turret Attachment, Tailstock, Draw Bar, 3-Jaw Chuck, S/N: 4061
  • Hardinge HC, with Mdl. AT Threading Attachment, Vari-Speed, Draw Bar, S/N: HC3184-K


  • Bridgeport “Series I” 2HP, Vari-Speed, 9” x 42” Power Feed, R8 Spindle, 60-4200 RPM, S/N: 12BR180598
  • Bridgeport 1-1/2HP, Vari-Speed, 9” x 48” Power Feed, R8 Spindle, 60-4200 RPM, S/N: 12BR-143032


  • 6” x 18” Boyar Schultz 2A Hydraulic Surface Grinder, 6” x 18” Permanent Magnetic Chuck, Coolant, Direct Drive Spindle, S/N: CH-2479-2A
  • 5” x 10” OmniGrind, with 5” x 10” Tilt-Tru Magnetic Chuck, Pope Direct Drive Spindle, S/N: 794
  • Darex E-90 Drill Sharpener, S/N: 34P12W371
  • Darex 1/3HP Pedestal Drill Sharpener, S/N: 57264
  • SRD NSE-34 1/4HP Drill Sharpener
  • 6” Rockwell Double End Pedestal Carbide Grinder, S/N: 120-1326


  • 2007 10HP Curtis KS10B Rotary Screw Type Air Compressor, 125-PSIG, S/N: BA13213003
  • 10HP Curtis 10E71H1SX-H3D Piston Type Horizontal Tank Mounted Air Compressor, 120-Gal. Tank, S/N: 24X68
  • Curtis CR50 Air Dryer, S/N: H0050A115071011


  • Giddings & Lewis “Cordax Discovery” Coordinate Measuring Machine, Pendant Joystick, 25.5” x 22” Table, Flat Screen Monitor, Renishaw MIP Probe
  • 12” Mitutoyo Type PJ-300 Bench Type Comparator, 6” x 6” Table
  • Miscellaneous Inspection Items, Including: Imai Sikensi 3R Hardness Tester, Assorted Sunnen Gages, Mitutoyo Height Gages, Digital Height Gages, Pin Gauge Sets, Jo-Blocks, Calipers, Muller Gage, Deltronic Pin Gages, Thread Gages, Blade Mics, Micrometers, Dial Bore Gages, Size Blocks, Verniers, Electric Mics, Ring Gages, V-Blocks, Set-Up Blocks, Assorted Granite Plates – up to 48” x 36” x 6”, Plus Much More!!


  • 9” x 16” Kalamazoo AH9A Automatic Infeed Horizontal Bandsaw, Coolant, S/N: 12.918
  • Assorted 12” Bench-Type Drill Presses
  • Excelsior #3R Arbor Press
  • 4” x 6” Delta 31-466-Type 2 Combination Belt / Disc Sander, 1/2HP, 1/60
  • Sweco FND-LR 22” Vibratory Bowl Finisher, Rubber Lined


  • Numerous Kurt Vises, Aloris Tool Posts, 500# Vestil MLPH-500-4SFL Lift, Collet Indexers, R8 Collets, 5C Collets, Tape Shooter, Large Quantity of #40 & #35 Taper Tooling, Live Centers, Arbors, Carbide Cutters & Tooling, Lista Cabinets, Chucks, Bench Vises, Tube Sleeves, Themac J45 Tool Post Grinder, Taft Pierce Bench Centers, Grinding Attachments, Drills, Taps, Reamers, V-Blocks, Angle Plates, Tool Cabinets, CNC Tool Carts, Boring Bars, Drill Chucks, Magnifying Bench Lights, Hand Tools, HUNDREDS OF LOTS!!
Auction Location
7 Carey Place, Port Washington, NY 11050 Get Directions
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