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Mario Carnaghi CNC Vertical Boring Mill 32623
Model: TG.50/6000
Age: 2023
Ref#: 32623
Category: Boring Mills, Vertical, CNC
Siemens 840DE SL CNC Control:
12-Position Automatic Tool & Attachment Changer:
40-Station Automatic Tool Magazine:
Hydrostatic Table:
Vertical Ram with Milling Spindle:
Vertical Milling & Drilling Attachment:
Right Angle Milling Attachment:
Universal Milling Attachment:
Through Spindle Coolant & Flood Coolant:
Dual Dive 81 KW (81 KW) Table Motors:
High Resolution Heidenhain Scales & Encoder:
Renishaw RMP 60 Probe:
Renishaw NC-4 Milling Tool Probe:
Full Machine & Operator Enclosure:
Chip Conveyor:
Table Diameter: 5000 MM
Turning Diameter: 6000 MM
Maximum Turning Height: 2500 MM
Maximum Stroke of Vertical Rams: 1500 MM
Ram Cross Section: 350 MM x 350 MM
Cross Rail Travel: 1200 MM
Ram Saddle Travel, X-Axis: 4445 MM
Turning Tool: Capto C8
Table Load Capacity: 119748 KG .
Table Speed Ranges, Max: 0-60 RPM
Table Indexing: .001
Main Motor, 2X: 81 KW (81 KW)
Milling Spindle Taper: HSK-A100
Milling Spindle Speeds, Max: 0-3,000 RPM
Milling Spindle Motor: 37 KW (37 KW)
Machine Footprint: 15900 MM x 12294 MM
Machine Height: 8001 MM
Machine Weight: 249476 KG
Equipped With:
Siemens 840DE SL CNC Control
12-Position Automatic Tool & Attachment Changer
40-Station Automatic Tool Magazine
Hydrostatic Table
Vertical Ram with Milling Spindle
Vertical Milling & Drilling Attachment
Right Angle Milling Attachment
Universal Milling Attachment
Through Spindle Coolant & Flood Coolant
Dual Dive 81 KW (81 KW) Table Motors
High Resolution Heidenhain Scales & Encoder
Renishaw RMP 60 Probe
Renishaw NC-4 Milling Tool Probe
Full Machine & Operator Enclosure
Chip Conveyor
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