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Hawk Manufacturing – CNC Machining Facility
Complete Plant Closure: DOOSAN, SCHIESS, and TOSHIBA CNC Boring Mills; DOOSAN, KITAKO, DAINICHI, MORI SEIKI, OKUMA, and CINCINNATI CNC Turning Centers; MAKINO, NIIGATA, MATSUURA, ENSHU, HITACHI SEIKI CNC Machining Centers; ANAYAK CNC Universal Bed Mill; KASTO and AMADA Horizontal Band Saws; BARDONS & OLIVER CNC Tube/Pipe Cutoff Machine; Inspection, Rolling Stock, Cranes, Plant Support, Tooling, and Much More!
October 2-3, 2019
11:00AM ET
Akron, Ohio
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Contact for Sale
Paul Lashin
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Inspection Date
October 1-3, 2019
9:00AM - 4:00PM ET
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Featured Assets
  • Doosan Puma 700M CNC Turning Center, Fanuc Series 21iTB CNC Control, 24″ 3-Jaw Chuck w/ 7″ Through Hole, 7″ Spindle Bore, 80″ Centers, Tool Eye, 12-Position Turret, Live Milling, Programmable Tailstock,  S/N P60M0546 (New 2007)
  • Doosan Ace DB-130C CNC 5″ Table Type Horizontal Boring Mill, Fanuc 18iMB CNC, 71″ x 79″ Rotary Table, 60 ATC, Chip Blaster, S/N DB130C0303
  • Doosan Puma Inverturn 3000M, Inverted CNC Vertical Turning Center, Fanuc Series 18-iTB CNC Control, 12″ 3-Jaw Chuck, 12-Position Turret, Live Milling, Robotic Part Loader/Unloader, Part Stocker, S/N PVE30M0042 (New 2005)
  • Makino A81 4-Axis CNC Horizontal Machining Center, Makino Pro 5 CNC Control 24.8″ x 24.8″ Pallets, 80 ATC, Through Spindle Coolant,  S/N 256
  • Niigata HN80C CNC Horizontal Machining Center, Fanuc 16iM CNC Control, 31.5″ x 31.5″ Pallets, 60 ATC, CAT 50, Through Spindle Coolant, S/N 46250140
  • Bardons & Oliver Model 36 CNC Tube & Pipe Cutoff Machine, Fanuc 16T CNC Control, 6 5/8″ Bar Capacity, Live Tooling, 24′ Feed Rack
  • 49″ Scheiss America CNC Vertical Boring Mill, 72″ Swing, 49″ 4-Jaw Chuck, 6 ATC, Fagor CNC Control
  • 49″ Shibaura TS/N13A CNC Vertical Boring Mill, 70″ Swing, 49″ 4-Jaw Chuck, Fanuc 6T CNC, 5-Position Turret
  • Anayak HVM5000 CNC Bed Mill With Universal Head, Fanuc CNC Drives, 197″ x 36″ Table, (2) 68″ x 31″ Auxiliary Tables, 30 ATC, Chip Conveyor, S/N HVM10155
  • Giddings & Lewis G60T CNC 6″ Table Type Horizontal Boring Mill, 122″ x 60″ Table, G & L Numeripath CNC Control, S/N 450-058-79
  • Enshu 650VX CNC Vertical Machining Center, 59″ x 26″ Table, 30 ATC, CAT 50, S/N 153, Fanuc 15M CNC Control
  • Kitako VT4-550 4-Spindle CNC Vertical Chucker, Fanuc Series 18T CNC Control, (4) 12″ Chucks, Chip Conveyor
  • Kitako VT4-350 4-Spindle CNC Vertical Chucker, Fanuc O-TT CNC Control
  • (2) Kitako VT4-200 CNC Vertical Chucker, Fanuc 0-TT CNC Control
  • (6) Kitako MT4-170 4-Spindle CNC Chucker, Fanuc 0-TT CNC Control
  • Kitako MT4-120G CNC Chucker, Fanuc 0TT CNC Control
  • Matsuura MC-900H-PC2S 4-Axis CNC Horizontal Machining Center, 24.8″ x 24.8″ Pallets, 50 ATC, Chip Conveyor, Fanuc 11M CNC Control
  • Matsuura MAM-600HF-PC2 4-Axis CNC Horizontal Machining Center, Twin 15.7″ x 15.7″ Pallets, Pallet Changer, 40 ATC, 50 Taper, Chip Conveyor, Through Spindle Coolant, YaS/Nac CNC Control
  • Mazak AJV-35/60 CNC Vertical Machining Center, S/N 85330, Mazatrol M-32 CNC Control, 67″ x 30″ Pallets, 2APC Pallet Shuttle, 60 ATC
  • Mazak H15-80 CNC Horizontal Machining Center, 6-Station Pallet Changer, Mazatrol Cam-M-2 CNC Control
  • Mazak Slant-Turn 40N-ATC-M/C CNC Slant Bed Turning Center, 60 ATC, Milling Spindle, Fanuc CNC Control
  • Hitachi Seiki HC400 CNC Horizontal Machining Center, 80 ATC, 5APC, 15.7″ x 15.7″ Pallets, CAT 40, Chip Conveyor, Fanuc 11M CNC Control
  • Hitachi Seiki HT-25S CNC Slant Bed Turning Center, Hitachi Seiki CNC Control, 10-Position Turret
  • (2) Hitachi HG800 CNC Horizontal Machining Center, 31.5″ x 31.5″ Pallets, 60 ATC, Chip Conveyor, Fanuc 15M CNC Control
  • Mori Seiki SL-5 CNC Slant Bed Turning Center, Fanuc 6T CNC Control
  • Mori Seiki SL-OH CNC Turning Center, Fanuc Series 3T CNC Control, 8-Position Tool Turret
  • Okuma Cadet LNC8 CNC Slant Bed Turning Center, S/N B636, Okuma OSP5020L CNC Control
  • (3) Dainichi B70 70×150 CNC Slant Bed Turning Center, 24″ Chuck, 12-Position Turret, 60″ Centers, Chip Conveyor, Fanuc 6T CNC Control
  • Johnsford VMC850-APC Vertical Machining Center, Fanuc Series O-M CNC Control, 34″ x 18″ Pallets, CAT 40, 24 ATC
  • (2) Cincinnati Milacron 2216TM-Cinturn CNC Turning Center, 15″ 3 Jaw Chuck w/ 5.5″ Hole, 12-Position Turret, Chip Conveyor, Acramatic 850 CNC Control
  • Carrell Model 303-HV Angle Bending Roll (New 2014)
  • (2) Kasto Twin A-4 Horizontal Band Saws
  • (4) Amada HFA400W Horizontal Band Saws
  • Do All C305 Horizontal Band Saw
  • 24″ x 60″ Okuma Model LS Lathe, 12″ Chuck, DRO
  • KR Wilson 4-Post Hydraulic Press, 50-Ton, Model DCT-50, (New 1968)
  • Bridgeport 2 HP Vertical Milling Machine, S/N 262191 9″ x 42″ Table, Vise, Acu-Rite DRO
  • Grob Vertical Band Saw Model 2S36U, with Blade Grind and Weld
  • Faro Platinum Arm Portable CMM (New 2014)
  • Helmel Engineering Checkmaster Model 430-251 Microstar CMM, 69″ x 39″ Table, Renishaw #MH8 Probe
  • Hyster 12,000 lb LPG Forklift Model S155XL,  Double Mast
  • Doosan Daewoo 5,000 lb LPG Forklift Model G30P-3,  Triple Mast, Pneumatic Tire
  • Datsun 8,000 lb LPG Forklift Model UP03A35V, Double Mast, Pneumatic Tire
  • Clark 4,000 lb Electric Forklift Model TM20,   3-Wheel, Quad Mast
  • Atlas Copco 50 HP Rotary Screw Air Compressor Model GA37VSDFF, (New 2005)
  • Atlas Copco 50 HP Rotary Screw Air Compressors Model GA37FF, (New 1999)
  • Gardner Denver Rotary Screw Air Compressor Model Integra-EFC99A,  (New 2004)
  • Also Offering: Vidmar Cabinets, Large Assortment of Perishable Tooling, Floor Mounted Jib Cranes, Bridge Cranes, Welder & Welding Supplies, Slotted Welding Tables,  Blast Cabinets, Air Filtration Equipment, Power Tools, Tool Cabinets, HD Work Benches, Pallet Racking, etc. After taking Ativan, my tearfulness disappeared, I stopped being irritated by small things. It can’t be compared with other drugs. Ativan has made this world bright again. Besides, it’s not addictive and I’ve already stopped taking it. The only drawback is the price. There is more information on the website
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