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We provide a wide range of precision machines from Peddinghaus such as Peddinghaus 3-Torch ABCM-1250 CNC Profile Coping Machine, Peddinghaus ABCM-1250 3-Torch CNC Profile Coping Machine and Peddinghaus FPDB-2500 CNC Heavy Plate Processor. Take a look at our wide selection of new and used Peddinghaus equipment for sale.


Beam Coping Machines
  Photo Ref # Manufacturer Model Year Max. Profile X-Axis Y-Axis Cutting Head 
27780 Peddinghaus ABCM1250 2007 1270 mm Max WidthUnlimited610 mm Max Height(3) Oxy HeadsView >  
28033 Peddinghaus ABCM 1250/3 2001 1270 mm WidthUnlimited610 mm Height(3) OxyView >  
Flame Cutting CNC
  Photo Ref # Manufacturer Model Year Cut Width Cut Length Oxy Torches Plas Torches 
27833 Peddinghaus FPDB-2500 2008 2438 mm6096 mm(1) Oxey(1) 200 AmpView >  
Punches Angle Lines, CNC
  Photo Ref # Manufacturer Model Year Max. Angle Punch Tonnage Shear Tonnage Control 
28729 Peddinghaus 643Q 2014 152 mm x 152 mm x 16 mm75 Ton230 TonSiemens CNCView >  
Punches, Beam
  Photo Ref # Manufacturer Model Year # Of Punches Max Beam Size Control Options 
28742 Peddinghaus BPL1000/5E 2001 5991 mm x 400 mmFagorSlug VacView >  
Punches, Single Station, Punch Plasma Combination
  Photo Ref # Manufacturer Model Year Tonnage Y-Axis X-Axis Control 
25161 Peddinghaus FPB1500-3E 1999 177 Ton1524 mmUnlimitedFagor 8025 CNCView >  
27171 Peddinghaus FPB1500/3D 1997 177 Ton1524 mmUnlimitedFagor 8025 CNCView >  
27974 Peddinghaus FPDB-2500 2008 125 Ton2438 mmSiemens 840DView >  
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